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Skyrim Races Review

I been playing Skyrim for quite some time now and thought about how races could translate into D&D / d20 terms


Essentially all the races in Skyrim are built on a similar ‘theme’ to gauge the balance.

Something like this:

Each has a single power. Power may be 1/day if a strong power, or multiple if weaker. Usually combat powers are 1/day and non combat may be multiple.

Each has a bonus to 2 or 3 skills.

and some have magical bonuses or resistances as well.

In short this can all work well if you put it together with point buy like in Eclipse 

31 Character Points

Inherent Spell (6cp). Most effects are minor so would never be above level 3 in my opinion. Perhaps the dark elves flame aura cloak might be a level 4 spell, but could easily be toned down to level 3 or lower due to short duration (60 seconds) etc

Spell Resistance (6cp). This gives Level +5. But this would be specialised to an element in most cases for double effect.

Adept (6c) to represent the skill bonuses. instead of bonuses we just make them cheaper to buy. 4 skills on a theme. Example: High Elves have Illusion, Destruction, Restoration etc. so one could change this to Spell Craft, Knowledge Arcana, History and Planes. and the like

Some may also have skill focus (6cp) for a +3 bonus to a single skill

That totals 24cp. Improved Self Development would be 12cp, less ‘6cp’ to lower another for the usual +1 to one score / –1 to another.

That makes a 30cp race. ECL 1. and balanced, albeit a bit more magical in nature, with other races.


Go Skyrim. Currently a level 35 Woodelf Vampire Cannibal. Yes I drink the blood of the living and feed on the dead.  Disgusting I know.

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