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RPG Character Builds–Spirit Vessel

d20 Character build using Eclipse – Fantasy or Modern Character

Well, for those of you who don’t know, I started writing again a few days back – got inspiration for a story from a crime tv series. The story is called Vessel – about a girl who… well… I will tell you more when I finish it and I plan to finish this one.

But the story got me thinking of the lines of a RPG character. Fantasy would work best but could easily do so for a modern game as well.

The idea: A young woman who draws power from spirits. She allows these spirits to inhabit her body, and by doing so takes on some of their features and powers and knowledge. She has to be extremely careful though as the margin between ‘sharing a body’ and complete loss of control is very fine indeed.

Seeing I haven’t really looked at builds for a while, this is going to be a refresher course in and of itself. Smile

Getting Started

Level 1 character, 48cp. 6cp bonus for been human brings us to 54cp. Disadvantages –Hallucinations (+3) – she generally has hallucinations and flashbacks from the point of view of the spirits. Vulnerable (+3) – this is a self made one. The character can be affected by Turn Undead as if she was an intelligent undead of her hit dice / level. Essentially turning attempts affect the spirit(s) that are within her body and thus effects her as well. Healing Resistant (+4) – this is again due to the spirits affecting / infecting her body. Part of the healing is wasted.

Humans also have fast learner, and in this case we won’t upgrade it. so that is +1 cp per level starting from level –2 (ie a +4 at level 1)

This totals 68cp

The Basics

Hit Dice: d6 – 2 cp

Saves: Will, Fort +2 on each.12cp– The character depends on Will saves to resist control attempts by possessing spirits. Strangely enough, opening herself to these spirits has also strengthened her body

Warcraft: +0. She is not a fighter at this level, even though some spirits might change this – see below.

Skills: 12cp. She is a general adventurer and has a broad skill base.

Magic: none at this stage. Spirits can change this.

This totals 30cp


Witchcraft: 6cp. This opens up the witchcraft ‘chain’ and pacts. Unlike other witches, she does not have any basic powers.

Witchcraft Pacts: 2 at level 1.Possession Pact. Well it goes with the territory. Gateway- this is essentially how she gains power anyway, but it works both ways.

Advanced Witchcraft Powers – (12 cp worth)

  Ridden by the Loa: Add a template of up to +4 ECL. Costs 1 power per hour. Base cost 6cp. Add 6cp so that character has 50/50 control. Another 6 so she has complete control. Total 18cp. Specialise the lot to require a Will Save DC 10 + 5 x the ECL of the Template (IE ECL +2 is DC 20, +4 is DC 30) for cost. Failing the save means the spirit is in complete control and she is just along for the ride. Failing the save by 10, means she is locked out of senses as well and is effectively unconscious and has no memory of what the spirit does. Final cost is 9cp.

  Voice of the Dead, specialised: only on incorporeal undead. 3cp

Character still has 32cp remaining…  To be continued.

In Play

Salrana, the young red head, say quietly by herself at a table meant for four. People came and went, pretty much ignoring her, until, the doors swang open and Grun and Gordon entered. The two thugs had been terrorizing this part of Karakkis for some time now, and Salrana decided she had had enough.

As her blue-green eyes turned to face them, a spark of malevolence could clearly be seen. Although a ‘good girl’ by most standards, she had a mean streak. It was that part of her personality she called upon now, opening her mind, body and soul and giving into it.

The young mage, Markis, sitting near the bar shifted his senses to see into the spirit realm – the ‘plane’ for which most of Aethelon’s magic was drawn. He was quite horrified to see a dozen or more spirits, some pure silver white, and others nothing more that black blots upon the usually bright astral realm. The all circled around Salrana and within a short spark – a blink of an eye – the deepest, darkest spirit entered her body pushing aside her own spirit.

In normal site, Markis could see her body convulse for a moment, and suddenly she leapt to her feet – her eyes burning yellow and her hair turning crimson and fading to black. The very edges of her been seemed composed of shadow and she moved with the speed of darkness itself.

Grun was the first to go down, Salrana’s arm turned into a bloody mess of bone and razor sharp claw, ripping through his leather arm and chest with easy and snapping his spine. People screamed, but their shouts echoed nothing.

Gordon drew his steel broad sword, but it was too late, Salrana was already apon him and her demonic form tore through him, her strength carrying him to the floor and her now elongated jaw sank its teeth into his neck, feeding hungrily on his life blood.

Markis was now certain that she was the one he had been looking for…

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