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Kallista–Journal Recap

fiery_by_alicexz-d3dxz6tAs this Sunday will probably be the first session of the new year I figured I would write a short recap (hopefully the other players will read it Smile) and this should save time for Sunday.


On the 20th day we came across a large almost impassable gorge. Had to waste the rest of the day to find a safe place to cross. Luckily it all went well, other than time been lost we were all ok.

The next evening, we literally encountered wood wraiths. Don had seen something in the woods while hunting I guess. Came across a faerie ring – made of stones this time and we got woken up to take a look. Good old Fel shouted out after hearing a ‘twinge’ or something in the forest. He called out in Elven I guess and Draconic – the ancient magic tongue I am more familiar with.

The replied answer was an arrow that struck the tree just to the left of his head – I had called out in time, noticing the ‘un natural’ sound of the bow string been pulled back. We fled the forest, as another arrow or two flew past us – I almost felt as if they were warning arrows rather than targeted.

As we went passed our camp and grabbed what we could (most of our stuff was already packed) the fire was struck by a well aimed arrow sending sparks and ash into the air.

We ran for probably a quarter mile…

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