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To Find Winters End–a Khara Thel Adventure

Kalista Journal Entry, Session 3 (15th January 2012)

We fled. Were running for what seemed ages, and eventually, we slowed down. Probably ran a quarter mile. Don decided it best to move further on. Another half mile or more – just to be certain the Wood Wraiths wouldnt follow us.

The next few days were hard indeed. The wind and cold and snow and ice was merciless, as if Winter itself was trying to push us back – trying to stop us like some supernatural demonic being was in control. But we were Felkmen, we were not going to give up. Not now, not ever.

Don killed a crow that night. Very odd for Crows to be this far away from cities and towns and Don said it was acting unnatural. Felghanis confirmed stating that it had magical residue – perhaps a spy? from his Uncle? I have heard that some mages can channel some of their energies into a living creature such as a crow or owl or cat even and turn it into a magical familiar. But alas I do not know how this is done.

A day or two later I almost ate my own words.

The weather had finally settled a bit, still cold, but not as unforgiving as it was recently. We had reached the point where the escarpment – a high, very high cliff face – met the forest and formed like a channel for us to travel down. There was no way I could climb that. And I had doubts that even Don could.


We travelled along noting the numerous caves until we found one. A big one. It would have suited us for a camping site, but it was occupied. Don, in his own mysterious ways (probably too long been outdoors I guess improved his senses some how), suggested there was a single female brown bear. No cubs.

We decided the food and fur was worth the risks. Felghanis had his doubts of course, but he always does. Guess he would be more comfortable in an inn or some faraway hut where he could be alone to study his uncle’s book. I looked at it a few times. Really intelligent man I guess to have such a formidable cypher. Still, even touching the book sent goose bumps down my spine as if some evil thing was touching.

We made the plan to smoke out the bear, and it worked. The poor thing roared in anger. Dons dog through out a spell that caused the vegetation to entangle the bear. It didnt seem to work much as it was already limping due to the spikes we had Allusiel make and dig into the ground beyond the fire.

The battle was on. With one swipe Don was struck, hard and pulled to the floor where the bear took a bite into his shoulder. By the Saint I thought, we could lose him… that would be the turning point.

I struggled with my book, through a flame bolt at the the bear and missed widely, still fatigued by the cold frosty nights.

I moved out of its direct line of attack and chose to channel my inner energies. “Protect It” is all the Old Codger used to say. “Others will want it. Protect it.” Almost made me feel I was special, unique. But others have magic. Look at Felghanis and Don and even Alusiel. She proved her power, releasing some invisible pain from her own mind and thrusting it upon the bear. I could only think it was her as Don was down and Felghanis was already panicking – the bear had resisted two of his spells.

Before I even completed the Summoning Spell, Allusiels little crystal and pierced the bears skull and her own power had melted its brain. She was a force. She was the one that needed protecting. If someone got her. Could make her do anything. Change her. Make her Evil. The world would be in dire trouble then.

We had won, my Wolf stepped from the nether world to find nothing to fight and I through myself towards Don grabbing at the waves of Magicka that was melting off of me and thrust it directly into his wounds, channelling the power into healing. I almost fainted, felt especially weak channelling that much power. But I did it, he would live and was mostly fully healed.

This was a fight and a half, and we were very lucky. If Allusiels power hadnt worked, I think we may have lost someone. I thank the Saint we all lived.

We decided to clear out the cave and camp there a day or two – plan was to cure the skin of the bear, I took a whole bunch of it to make leather strips for a new spell I was researching – Magikas Protectus. A sort of magical armour.

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