About West Legacy Games

Hi, I’m Chris!

I fell in love with role playing games in the early 1990’s (Thanks Dave!) and have been playing a variety of RPGs and board games for over 30 years.

In the late 90’s I was working with a group of friends creating our own RPG and at the same time we developed our own Dungeons and Dragons game world.

Since moving to Australia I restarted an old project – Dark Era – an RPG where you play Agents taking on and investigating alien threats to protect the world.

With my exposure to more board games as well, I began creating some ideas and now with a list in the 30s of ideas I decided to create this site to hold the projects as I go along

If you would like me to play test or review your game or need some help with marketing, contact me here

I have since opened up and rebuilt West Legacy Games’ website to incorporate a market place where indie table top game designers can market their own products and in addition to that I can now assist with some prototyping of 3d printed models, figurines and the like – if you have the model, or even if you dont, we can talk!


Just to be transparent, almost every external link on this site is likely to be monetized. The exception here is links to products and games we have reviewed. Where possible those will link to the Vendor page on this site or to the creator’s site.

This site uses cookies to track what you do and we will use those same cookies to advertise to you. Hope you understand 🙂

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