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Hunter of Magus

This is a d20 build for a character who hunts mages and witches…

13645_102507003106545_100000417364438_66425_336599_nAll in all this character is actually a strong spell caster as well, but also has the power and abilities to hunt down mages and that is his strength.

“Dead is easier. You want her alive? That’ll cost you.” the roughly dressed outdoorsman talked over a warm ale to his noble benefactor.


Getting Started

48cp plus level 1 feat (6cp). Human bonus feat 6cp. Disadvantages? Not sure so lets ignore them.

That’s 60cp


The Basics

Hit Dice: d8. 4cp – this character gets into combat and tries to get into melee combat as soon as possible.

BAB: none at level 1.

Saves: Will +2 (6cp) Fort +1 Ref +1 (6cp) total 12cp.

Profs: Simple weapons, martial weapons (9cp), shields(3cp), light armour(3cp): 15cp

Skills: 2cp +4sp from human fast learner

Total 33cp


Magic Progression: Psion. Power based, using Wisdom. 12cp base

Corruption: Power points are not regained by rest. Instead when the Hunter makes a successful save versus a spell or power, he gains a number of power points equal to the spell level. 0 level spells count as half.

This is corrupted for cost, bringing cost down to 8cp

Why Psionic? Well figuring the character will only need a handful of powers or spells and most often will rely on melee and ranged combat and magic will be either damaging spells or defensive spells rather than utility.

Tracking: Urban and Wilderness (6cp). Identification (3cp)

Block: 6cp. Magical. Corrupted to requiring a readied shield for cost. Brings cost down to 4cp.

Reflex Training: ‘Step Up’. This is effectively specialised as only allows the character to make a 5ft step when ever an adjacent opponent takes a 5ft step and must end up adjacent to the target. 3cp

Reflex Training: When ever an adjacent target casts defensively, get a free attack. 6cp

Total: 28cp 

Grand Total of 61cp. Looks like we may need a disadvantage or drop hit dice down to d6


Upgrades to Tracking are important. Especially deduction and ‘style’ magical residue. GM’s may allow the Tracking to be specialised only against spell casters or magical beasts and the like.

Upgrading Block to allow for easier blocks vs rays and the like and also riposte strikes and of course the extra Attacks of Opportunity.

All in all could be a fun ranger variant…

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