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Skyrim–Elder Scrolls V

Thought I’d take a crack at a Skyrim Review. Now, firstly I am biased and have been playing Elder Scrolls games from Morrowind (well actually played Oblivion first and then Morrowind).

Now comes Skyrim. The province of the Nords. Cold, inhospitable, savage. And thats without a civil war or dragons on the loose! Yes, Dragons. These things are smart and deadly. They fly, the do fly by attacks, they breath frost, fire, lightning and whatever else you can imagine.

The main plot line is that the High King of Skyrim has been murdered by a Jarl (basically a noble of some kind that rules over a section of the province). And you, get to learn that you are a Dragon Born. On the lines of the Septim’s themselves and the blades…

Skyrim takes place 200 years after Oblivion and Cyrodil is mostly still recovering but trying to further rule Skyrim as well. The elves don’t help. (Don’t want to release too much info)

Like the other games though, you start off as a Prisoner and are about to get your head removed when a dragon interrupts the process and you escape either with the aid of an Imperial soldier or a Rebel. The choice is yours… Smile

All in all, great game and WAY addictive. So much so that I have ordered it for myself and recommend it to anyone.

For more info check out the Skyrim.Nexus for info and already a TON of mods are available.

Check it out and have fun. It’s an awesome game and a huge land to explore – even feels bigger than Cyrodil/Oblivion but not as big as Morrowind.

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