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Dungeons & Dragons 4th Edition – D&D 4E

A relook at Dungeons & Dragons Fourth Edition.

Now most of you hard core roleplaying fans would have probably been on the side of the fence that said 4E D&D was not and is not Dungeons & Dragons. Instead, like it was coined, most of you think its something akin to World of Warcraft – on Paper. And you would be right. Wizards of the Coast saw potential in gaining more followers for the world wide phenomenon of Dungeons and Dragons by aiming the new edition at PC Gamers.

The new kids on the block were in love and perhaps addicted to games like WOW, Runescape, and everything else in between. The simple skill and power systems made 4E a hit with the new generation of role-players. And it turned out, some new gamers picked up 4E and found it far less complicated than the 3.5 books. And I have just been invited to join the small group of new pen and paper gamers.

I am not a stranger to the 4E books. My first group in Melbourne played that and I DM’ed it for a while, and the majority thought was that the game was pretty damn awful compared to the game we grew up with. So we moved on. To Pathfinder by

Relooking over the players handbook and with some hints that the party had no ‘tank’ I decided on building a Fighter. An Eladrin Soldier lost on this world while he tries to find the Envoy he was to protect.

Eladrin are ‘high elves’ at home in the Feywild (essentially another dimension) and have the ability to teleport short distances.

Fighters have good Hit Points – 15 hit points plus their Constitution Score, can wear almost any armour and use almost any weapons.

Power choices (In 4E in case you don’t know, you have At Will Powers, Encounter Powers and Daily Powers)

  • Cleave – at Will. Essentially if I hit a target and adjacent enemy takes some damage
  • Reaping Strike – even if I miss the target takes some damage
  • Passing Attack (Encounter) – can hit one target, shift 1 square (5ft) and hit a different target.
  • Villains Menace (Daily) – Massive Damage on first strike and attack and damage bonus for rest of encounter.


All in all it looks pretty fine to me. But we will see I guess. If it doesn’t appeal for long, I might be able to take the role of DM for this group. But again, we will see.


Chris, Out.

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