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Sither–Journal Entry

OOC: Sither is an 8th level Favoured Soul of a God of Defence & Truth

I have been awoken after six hundred years to serve my god once more. The world I knew has changed so much.

The group I travel with are odd as well, and seem to be out for the own ends. No faith, no desire for goodness. Like rabid dogs they kill. No remorse. No thought for what they do. No care for their own fallen.

I shrug this off as much as I can. But now, they insult Araytor. They insult my god. No. I must be truthful. Only one of them does. Only one.

How can I walk in their foot steps. When he is there. The one I previously detested was slain. By a demon no less. He was victorious and fled, I think taking the soul of the warlock with him.The others cared not. Lets see what we can get off his body.

Shrug. Again I shrug.

Now another insults me. Insults my god. Doubts my own abilities and… makes me doubt myself. I lost my temper. Succumbed to a moment of rage. And for that moment I prayed for guidance while the rest of the companions… not my party… the companions battles giant spiders. I waited.

The answer I already new. Do what you came here to do, and part ways with them. No sense walking amongst darkness when your own holy light may be snuffed out. I will defend those for now, at least the ones who appreciate the power I channel from upon high.

The brutal warrior who walked with the warlock. At first I took him for a thug. An evil bandit. But, despite my initial thoughts, at least he is grateful for the life giving magics I am able to provide.

Time will see I guess. My god will guide me where needed.

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