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4E Conversion

Well I thought about trying to convert/build my 4E Eladrin Fighter in Eclipse.

Summary of my Eladrin:

+2 Dex

+2 Int

Doesn’t Sleep

Teleport, 5 squares

This is quite easy to build.

Improved Self Development (4 times!) (Thats 48cp or 24 brining it down to half cost for racial packages)

Teleport is a ‘level 1’ Dimension Door – 3cp for racial package. Corrupted to 1/encounter but otherwise usable many times.

Doesnt Sleep is an immunity, probably worth ~9cp. Or 4 as a racial package

Forgot to add Low Light Vision (Occult Sense, 3cp).Quite a few more things looking at it (Save bonus vs Charm). All in all this character would probably be an ECL 1 race, but then again, most races are around the same anyway.

Brings you just over 32 CP for an ECL 0 character.


Class: Fighter


Hit Dice doesn’t really matter. But will buy it as d10 – 6cp in 4E my character has 15hp + con + 6 per level fixed

BAB 0. Gains +1 every 2 levels

Fort Defense at +2, thats 6cp.

In 4E you have Light and Medium Armor and Shields. Thats 12cp

And 9cp for Simple/Martial Weapons

Total 31cp


In 4E you have ‘powers’ and Features

Combat Challenge – Target hit is marked and suffers –2 if doesnt attack you. 6cp – just like a feat essentially


Stand Still Effect – 6cp. Bonus on AoO equal to Wisdom – Augmented Bonus. Seeing I have no Wisdom this doesnt mantter to me.


Battelrager Vigor. Get Temp HP each time you are hit. A limited form of Grant of Aid or Hysteria IMO. 6cp

That’s 18cp

At Will, Encounter, Daily Powers

My At will Powers

Cleave. Well strait forward. But corrupted, only deal damage to adjacent enemy. 4cp

Hysteria. Powered by successful Attack. Gain Temp HP equal to Con Mod. Corrupted. 4cp

Encounter Powers – All corrupted, usable 1/encounter

Reflex Training, 5ft Step and additional attack on successful hit. New attack must be made against another target. 4cp

Daily Powers – Used once per day only

Reflex Training, 5ft square attack, 5ft square attack. This is ‘a double reflex training’ and then specialised as usable only once per day. 6cp



Feat: Finesse (6cp) Dex instead of Strength

Total Power/Feat Cost: 24cp

Total Class Cost: 73 CP. Wow Would have to take disadvantages for that. Base Level 1 is 54cp. Disadvantages could make up 10cp, but thats still 9cp short. Oh well, I figure that 4E characters are just a bit ‘stronger’ than their 3.5 counter parts.

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