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Star Wars Saga Edition RPG Review

My initial feeling about the Star Wars Saga Edition RPG was that it was bsed on d20 4th Edition rules – which in my opinion almost destoryed the Dungeons & Dragons Franchise.


After creatign my first character, a Twi’lek Scoundrel, I began to realise the smooth functionality of the rules. Although it has a lot of 4E similarities, one of the major things it does not have is the class powers (mostly, in DND 4E they were all the same just with different names). Instead, each class gets bonus feats and Talents that are applicable to specific roles of the class.


For Example, a Scoundrel could ‘specialise’ in Space Combat by taking Talents from the Space tree, or could be a trickster by taking fortune tree talents, the typical rogue like things such as sneak attack also exist. Thus, while you are still ‘forced’ to take a particular class, the classes are very customizable.


Another thing I liked was the sheer lethality possible in the game, especially at low levels.  My Twi’lek died unfortunately by attempting to save a new ‘friend’ – she was killed by an unknown assailant, most likely a force user (dark jedi) and the Grip power.  4d6 damage.  boom dead. 


Anyway, character #2 is a Soldier with a noble lineage (multi class) – one thing I  Picked up is that it almost pays you to multiclass (if you are after extra talents etc) depending of course on the theme you are going for.


My soldier along with the Ithorian my other charatcer tried to save and the other player’s duros infiltrated an estate that was planning to host a ‘hunt’ of live intelligent species (including the ithorian) – we managed together to take on 5 goons with blaster rifles and the hunt master (a level 5 soldier! or perhaps a scout).  the ithorian went down and I was mostly saved by good dice rolls of my Negate Energy force power and spending force to get it back. yup burnt 3 force points in one session!


All in good, well done to the dev team of Saga Edition. Very good game 🙂



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