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Thessryn Maree

The Maree Family



The Maree Family of Waterdeep date back many generations, and some even say they were part of the expedition that founded Waterdeep and the lands beyond it.


The immediate generations are Earl Godfrey Maree – a retired military man of some fifty odd years.  His sons, Markus and Jacona Maree are now the heads of the house hold.  Markus is a self proclaimed count on a small farmstead of some 100 people a few miles to the north east of Waterdeep.


Jacona still resides in the family estate in Waterdeep’s Noble quarters.  Together with his wife Ena-marie, they have run the Family for the last three decades.  During this time Ena-marie gave birth to four children with the fifth dying before term.


The eldest son, Valdo followed in his Grandfather’s footsteps and joined the Military at an early age.  He excelled and is now one of the Captains of the guard for Waterdeep.  He is now twenty eight years of age and has married a local girl, Carla(21),  they have three children – Marie (7), Samuel (6), Casandria (3).


The second eldest, also a son, Jacob, is now twenty four (24).  He runs a small tavern / inn of some High Standards known as the Shadowed Rose.  The inn is still marred by underground and semi-illegal works including Mind-dust and Azran-Brandy black market trading.  He is unmarried, but is believed to have sired many children through the whores that frequent the establishment.  He is still held with respect amongst the family and brings in a large amount of gold.


The third child, to Ena-marie’s disappointment, was also a boy-child.  He was killed by wolves on a hunting expedition at the age of thirteen.


The fourth child was never born and Ena-Marie almost gave up hope of having a daughter.


The fifth child, Thesryn, was a god send to her prayers.  She worshiped and turned a new leaf, forcing all of her kin to go to the temple regularly.  Even Jacob gave up his shadowy ways and turned the Shadowed Rose into a gleaming symbol of Justice, Faith and legal pleasures.


Thesryn was a good child, always obeying her mother in her youth.  Until her brothers scorned her.  None would teach her the secret of the sword.  None would take her to the rougher taverns or on hunting trips.  None of them even humored her in a mock duel.




She was fifteen when all this changed.


“Fight me brother, I shall show you I am the better swordsman”


Jacob scoffed at her, “You are but a girl Thess, leave the sword play to us men.” He and his friends laughed at her.


“I will show you! I will show this family.  I will show all of Faerun!”


She vowed to them all, and left the estate, taking no more than a blade and the clothes on her back.  All laughed at her and said she would return.  It has now been almost two years.


In her absence, not much has changed.  Her mother is kept busy with the grand children. The “deal” for her marriage fell through and the young vinsduke was married off to another wealthy family.


Her Grandfather has bee crippled by arthritis and lays in bed most days.  He has personal servants who tends to him.  Not much else has changed from the rest of the family.






Thesryn Maree – Personality



Thesryn grew up a happy, disciplined child.  From the age of ten, her personality changed somewhat and she became more daring, more rebellious.  She snuck out to taverns and inns at all times of the night.  Secretly, because no one in her father’s employ nor any of her brothers would teach her about combat, she found a young militia guard who had caught her wondering the streets some months before, and had begun to train with him.


He asked her nothing in return, save her friendship, and that she gladly gave.


They grew close, and at the age of thirteen, she made love him to him.  All was well until a year later when she found out she was with child.  Her father and mother were furious and demanded to know the father.  She had been sworn to someone else when she turned sixteen.  Now that would all be lost.


Through the stress and hearing that Matew – her lover – had been sent to a fort garrison on the other side of the world – she lost the child.  She has never forgiven her family for that.


She trained herself and physically worked hard for many months, regaining her physical shape and beauty.  Her final, rebellious vow was “I will show you all!”


With respect to Alignment, Thesryn is Neutral-Good.  She has not much time for laws and red tape, but does not actively denounce the necessity for it.  She is Good, as are all her family in general.  She tries to help and tries to ensure that at least, through any pain or suffering of her own or others, things will turn out for the better.



Thesryn Maree – Goals, Life Views etc



Thesryn has one primary goal – Fame.  She wants her family and the rest of Faerun to see her as a Hero.  She wishes to slay the Mighty Dragon, to rid the World of some dark-force or just to end a war or something.


This, will of course take her a long time, and she is impatient and will probably eagerly accept any Quests, although not blindly.


She also wishes to find Matew, although she has no idea where he was sent, or if, in fact, he was sent anywhere.  It is possible that he was paid off.



After the death of her child she has never bedded another man nor has she had the desire to do so, although she has flirted with many to get her own way.  Now and then she has taken the infamous role of cut-purse or mugger when the funds ran low.


She has no true desire for wealth, accept for that which is needed to survive and to buy her better equipment and weapons.  She keeps her rapier carefully sharpened and in good conditioned at all times.



Thesryn Maree – Friends and Foes



Through her early travels and childhood, she met an elf named Khemsey Stone of the nearby woods.  They grew close in a different way, that of true friendship.  Although they challenge each other at every turn they are indeed friends.


Khemsey married a small, seemingly cursed, Faerie named Tala who has always been a little jealous of Thesryn.  When Thesryn see’s the two of them playing together or getting really close, she does, somewhere deep down, get a little jealous or perhaps envious as she thinks she may never know love again.


This thought hurts her deeply, and she cannot shake it off.


Luckily though she has never made too many enemies.  There are those that have been paid in the past to find her, that may stumble upon her now.  She still wears the ring of her Family’s Crest, not on her fingers, but on a silver chain about her neck.

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