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Eclipse d20 – The Battle Sage – Roleplaying Character – RPG

Thought would update you on the Battle Sage Progress…


Finally got the kinks worked out and even play tested the concept- things worked very well.  So here is the break down.

I built him at level 3 (total of 114 cp, including 6cp from Duties to Battle Sage order)

Saves – +5 (2 Fort, 1 Ref, 2 Will)  – 15 cp

Hit Dice – 3d8 12 cp 

BAB/Warcraft –  3 –  18 cp

Skill Points +4  4 cp


Simple Weapons 3 cp

Light Armour 3 cp

Shields 3 cp

Martial Set: Long Sword, Shortbow, Longbow  3cp



his species granted Legionary (a bonus feat for human, many humans in the game world received this)


Level 1

Spirit Weapon – Weapon of the Ancients – Both Ranged/Melee and Exotic Appearance. Specialised this for reduced cost. Requires a History Check DC 15 +2 for each additional time it is used/called in a day, and only lasts for 1 min/level. Total cost 6 cp

Imbuement – For the Spirit Weapon. Also added Focussed and Versatile and Improved. Corrupted for Cost, requiring its own History Check. Also took immuniity to the ‘rest’ required to change the “+”. So he can do this on the fly. He gains a + 1/3 level.  Total Cost 19 cp


Level 2

Inherrent Spell – Armor of the Ancients. Corrupted for Cost and for Effect, requires history check as per Spirit Weapon and must be vocalised. Also only 1 level 1 power instead of 2, but he can use it 3/day and only takes a Std action to manifest.  Total Cost 4 cp

Also added Amour Profeciency Medium for 6cp


Level 3

Inbherrent Spell – Historians Sight – This is Sense Psychic Impressons and Object Reading.  Corrupted, Effect  – instead of 1 level 2 spell 2/day he gains 2 level 2 spells 1/day, but total not each. Total Cost 6 cp


Inherrent Spell – The Hounds of War – Specialised for Effect. This is Natures Ally III, 2/day, limited to wolf/dogs/canines only. Inlcuding large/dire animals as well.  This is also a Std action to cast. Total Cost 6 cp


Pressence – Legions Call – Allies with 10ft count as having Legionary Feat and the Battle Sage as well as those affected by Legions Call beneft from having the feat. If they leave 10ft, they loose the beneft and cannot regain it for the rest of that encounter.  Total Cost 6 cp.


All in all quite a fun character and build so far.


Upgrade Options include getting Lore, Legend Lore, Some more defensive or ally assisting abilities, heavy armour profeciency, and general upgrades to Inherrent Spells.









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