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RPG Character Trial – The Laughing Jester – Eclipse d20

Thought of a Jester type class – wears crazy outfits, uses charm/illussion type magic and generally is the laughing stock of the party / town or entire adventure.


The Basics

d6 HD, Good Ref and Will Saves, Simple Weapons, Maybe Light Armour



Perhaps the Adept or Bard Progression,Spontaneous Caster, Arcane, Charisma Based



Thinking Abilities – Taking Occult Talent (gives you 1 or 2 first level spells and a few 0 level spells that you can cast each once per day)

Add to this Shaping – Prestidigitation at will

And a few Inherrent Spells that can be improved as you gain levels (some choices here include things like Summon Marbles (a grease spell that uses marbles instead of grease/oil (level 1), Uncontralable Laughter (Level 2), Lesser Confusion (level 1, psion power) and similar).  Bare in mind most jester or trickery type spells, although they can have effects and purprose in combat, will be relatively low powered, probably with the Confusion spell at spell level 4 been the most ‘powerful’.  One could also do some custom variant spells – like Itch (hold person) and the like.  Some illusion spells do get powerful (phantasmal killer) etc but might go “against” been the trickster. Another spell – Guineapig Swarm! (treat as rats effectively, but they are cute guineapigs – instead of causing nausea these cause the Hideous Laughter effect)

Some non magic abilities

Defender/Improved Defender (to improve AC)

What about Pressence – apply it to enemies within 10 ft. Initiatially they suffer an attack penalty. Upgrade it so they soon have to make Will Saves just to attack you because you are so funny!

Block (ranged/melee) could be tied in with Defender just to give you a bit of a boost in the defence abilities

You may also want to add some better weapon profs eventually and even Augment Attacks – Sneak Attack


If you want to be the Evil Jester, one can upgrade spells like Burning Grease or Spikes & Marbles (Caltrops and Marbles in the same square), Command, Suggestion (to make enemies attack each other), Cofusions, Nightmare. If you do start relying on many spells, taking a higher magical or psionic progression to begin with might be a good idea.


Again, Eclipse, shows the ultimate versatility of this point buy system. Anything is possible if you have a theme/idea.


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