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Gaming Season 2012

Fantasy-Girl-With-Red-Hair-wallpaperGaming kicked off this week with Star Wars (Saga Edition) on Tuesday night. I created a new character as was not completely happy with my old one (a rather shockingly inept bounty hunter)

New character is a Togrtua (sp). Has the cool ability of eco location but all in all is a fun, cheeky little thing specialised on social and technical skills. I feel she did more in the first battle though than the Jedi or the NPC’s although there was NPC ally that was so freaking lucky (A Gremorian)

Well good game and promise of new things in the future and possibly playing alternates as well.

This Sunday, weather permitting, should see us kick off the d20 game again – I look forward to seeing how far my little magus can go…


Cheers- Chris, out…

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