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Draining Wilder

520px-JaraelactiondustinweaverHi guys. This is a an Eclipse build for a Wilder variant. This guy or girl gets more physical power only when he or she is drained from all ‘power’.

So lets look at it!

Getting Started

Character Points: 48 + 6 for level 1 feat. That’s 54cp

Disadvantages: Don’t see any needed


The Basics

Hit Dice: d8 – 4cp. This is actually a warrior styled class.

BAB: +1 4cp – Corrupted for cost, only when Power is reduced to 0.

Saves: Will +2, 6cp (I hate. I mean HATE failing will saves)

Skill Points: 2cp

Proficiencies: Light, Medium Armours. Shields. Simple and Martial Weapons. 21cp

Total: 37cp


Wilder Progression: 6cp. This is so she has a ton of power points but limited # of powers to use them on.

Berserker: Corrupted for cost, only usable when power is 0. 4cp

Total: 10cp

Overall Total: 47cp. Leaving 1 cp for more skills and the first level feat open.


Advancement of course will be more progression and building up the fighting skills. The character will tend to confuse a lot of enemies and fellow players as she enters battle rage as her last power is spent and begins to kill people.

One can vary it by dropping the medium armour and even martial weapons to buy more combat orientated powers and bigger hit dice.

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