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A Master’s Apprentice

A Khara Thel Character Background for the Kinetic Mages

final2!“That girl. How much for that girl.” The grey robed man asked the slaver, as he pointed to a young child almost hidden by a dozen other slaves.

“This is an auction, “ the slaver replied arrogantly, “she is the last on my list…”

The robed man snarled, sparks of arcane energy flashed through his eyes and the scales on the slaver’s table lifted up into the air. “Do not anger me, “ he said…  The slaver gasped. “5… 4… no 3 crowns… 3 crowns.” he gulped in absolute fear. The reputation of Kinetic Mages were known well and many feared them.

The mage took the child, leaving only 2 crowns on the table. The slaver didn’t dare argue the point.



This character is an apprentice of the feared and respected Kinetic Mages of Khara Thel. She was taken by slavers from her home at the age of about eight. While marketing their wares, a senior Kinetic Mage came passed and ‘felt’ or saw her potential with nothing more than a glance.

I of course, use Eclipse to build almost all my characters now. 


Getting Started

Level 1 Character has 48cp plus level 1 feat, 6cp

That’s a total of 54cp. Not sure on disadvantages yet. She does however have Duties (2cp per level) – must serve her Master.

Racial Wise she has fast learner skills, Will save +3, Legionnaire Feat, and Skill Emphasis (any social skill – most likely intimidate or diplomacy)


The Basics

Hit Dice: d6. I don’t want to die that quickly!  2cp

Saves: Fort +2 – 6cp. This is due to the thinking that kinetic power is very strenuous on the body.

Warcraft: 0 BAB for now.

Skill Points: 4cp (min 2 per level suggested for ‘balance’) + 8 from Fast Learner (2 for level 1 and 6 for levels –2 to 0).

Proficiencies: No armour, Simple Weapons: 3cp. Only coz taking a small group of simple weapons is not really worth it.

This Totals: 15cp


I am thinking on the lines of the Dragon Path here, backed up by some Rune Magic.

Shaping: We corrupt the effect to only allow for kinetic type effects. This is prestidigitation at will. Flick a leaver, move a 1 pound object etc. No flashy lights, puffs of smoke or banana peels allowed (old joke). Cost 4cp.

Kinetic Master –  60 feet range, strength = Intelligence/3 round down. Skills at -10 if used through this. No cost in terms of spell levels etc. Cost 6cp

Rune Magic – Telekinesis. Cost 8cp for 4 ranks each for Rune Mastery/Rune Casting. Each Spell Level costs 1 Mana. Caster Level and Max Spell level works on total Skill Bonus, not ranks. Character will be heavily focussed on intelligence/constitution.

Mana x2 – Gain 2d6 mana (rolled 5). Specialised this for effect, does not gain any other uses of the Mana ability and mana does not recharge per day, only via rite of chi. Cost 12cp.

Rite of Chi (to regain Mana) – regain 1d6 mana, after a few minutes rest. This cannot give you more mana than you have (i.e excess is lost). I am going to Corrupt this to require Concentration Check – DC 20 + 5 for each additional use (even with bonus uses). Currently only usable 1/day. Cost 4cp

Total Cost 34cp. Bare in mind that the 8 for rune magic are actually skill points which does not have a limit IIRC.

Total Class Cost: 49cp – This leaves a 7cp balance


Seeing that I am going to try play this character, I am going to be thinking a lot about advancement.

That 7cp I am probably going to spend at least 1 point back into skills. Skills are powerful The more you have the better. The remaining 6cp I think would be spent on Mentor – this takes into account the Master as well as the Society/School/Guild of Kinetic Wizards.

Further Level advancements would include bonus uses on Rite of Chi, additional mana and upgrades to Kinetic Master chain.

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