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Kalista – Journal Entry: Session 4

Kalista is a book wizard mage adventuring along with three other characters in a quest to uncover what is happening to the harsh and long winters in the land

Don & Allusiel nearing the tower of ThulumanSunday 22/01/2012 – Session 4. Party is now level 2

Day 29

We camped at the bear’s cave, using the time to tan its hide and harvest as much of its meat as we could carry. The next few days were predicted to be hard. Hard snow that is.

Don and I gathered food for the ailing pony. And wood too. Wood stores were running low…

The next night I heard the loudest wolf howl in my life. Loud enough I felt it in my bones. I figured a large wolf of some kind… and the Saint forbid, perhaps a Werewolf?

No. I doubt it. I woke up Fel and Don. Big wolf was all we got out of it but it was far. a mile or two at least.

I couldn’t sleep most of that night. Must have nodded off some hours before dawn. I prepared my mind and my magic for combat. Learning the spells more useful in that situation – the new Magus Armis spell would protect me better than most armour. My mastery over manipulating the time and energy bursts, to allow for longer, more persistent spells means less casting, less energy wasted. I felt now I was ready for battle.


Day 31

Been foraging for the pony and wood these days. Just before noon Don, in his uncanny way, spotted an old chimney stack – ruins of an old log cabin of sorts. We decided (and by we I mean Don and Alusiel. I chose not to ‘vote’ in this democracy, to see what others would do, feel. Friends these are but every day, I learn something more, something deeper about them)

I felt a chill. And not just the weather, and heard a whisper. “Help me…” I stopped, looked for the sound more closely. Don heard it too. I called out to him, and then he appeared. A ghost.

My stomach was in my throat, I swear I felt a warm sensation on my legs… probably pissed myself without realising it. Not sure.

He spoke to me. The others, not sure if they heard, or saw. What I was was ghastly… indeed. A burned male dwarf, his head obscured and still more translucent than his body. He asked my help. And I agreed.

I was shaking. Remember he called himself Gamling. I gave him my name. Wasn’t sure if that was a good idea or not though. But I trusted this ghost. He mentioned that he knew how to improve the phylactery.

Have no idea how he knew we had them. But I vaguely recall the codger saying that they didn’t last forever and needed to be refreshed as one grew old and gained experience.

I swore to Gamling that I will … that I will bring his bones back and bury them.

I fell to the ground after he departed. Gasping. I was shaking all over. The most fearsome encounter of my life and I lived. Lived.

Felghanis was against assisting the Ghost. I asked retorted: “Isnt this what Necromancy is all about?” I knew well he could have countered that and said something on the lines of control and power, but he is smart. He played his cards right and didn’t reveal any more of his dark stained soul.

We camped that night. Heard the damn wolf again. Must be really big bastard I thought. He was up there, on the escarpment though. We were safe.


Day 32

Felghanis revealed to us a bit more about his uncles accursed book. Something about Deep Earth Crystals. Capable of storing power, and vast amounts. Apparently dwarves and goblins might have them.

That kind of gem would serve me well. A backup for my own inner energies that I seem to be spending allot of these days. It doesn’t drain me as it used to but I still feel tired. Exhausted by it.

That day we found… well Don saw a tower in the distance and we found the trail towards it. Mostlikely goblins. but a human tower. We camped further down the ridge, out of sight of it, and Alusiel and Don went back to investigate. They were gone some time. I almost got worried. But the book, it intrigues me. Too much perhaps, but I am drawn to it. Its knowledge.

We discussed our next course of action. The tower had Goblins. Don thought of poisoning their well. Poisoning? Really. I didn’t think he would sink that low. That is vile. Even if they are monsters. I would never ever agree to that. Ever. That could be a turning point for me. The kind where I turn around and head the other way. Maybe. I guess. I don’t know.

We decided, as a group, mostly, to attack the Goblins. To stealth up and surprise them tomorrow afternoon. I told them of my new power. New spell.


Day 33 – Attacking the Goblins

I cast the spell – the armour one – on all of them save for Don who now wore bear hide armour., using my reserves to power it so I could prepare my other spells. I chose to prepare my summoning spells- Natures Call, First Circle. And also a cureing spell, just in case… A few minor cantrips and a light spell completed my repertoire of magic for this … encounter?

Feels strange. Like I am some hardened battle mage. I laugh at the idea. Battle scares the hells out of me. But I can’t let that on.

We surprised them well enough, my first Wolf finished off two in a matter of seconds before winking out. We then pushed through, cautiously, up the stairs and Don bashed his way through a plastered-wood enforced wall. For his efforts he took a thunderstone to the face. The ringing was so loud I screamed. I knew I screamed, but could hear nothing. Almost lost the second and last summoning spell I was casting, put the wolf right into the room with the goblins and their bigger leader- a hobgoblin. In plate mail no less. Full steel armour.

Had to use a heal spell to keep Don on his feet. At least, this time, I was close enough to him to do so. Always keep one prepared and ready. Always.

We finished off the rest of the goblins, even the poor bastard that was crawling up a chimney. This battle proved that the child Allusiel is a dangerous one. Well, her little roach or ant crystal is at least. Fast,  almost invisible, and strikes as hard as my wolf I guess.

Dons attunement with nature I believe gives him some abilities. He seemed stronger in the castle towers. Maybe its nothing, but perhaps a detect magic, cast before hand might reveal some truths.

I found the dwarfs skull. Well a dwarfs skull. No body though. And his skull didnt answer me. Stupid to think he would.

After searching the dead, we found a crypt. Felghanis realised to our horror that this is the Watch Tower of Thuluman – the one who had made some bell that could raise the dead for miles around. By the Saint, we found it when no one else could. Well, by found it, I mean his crypt.

We agreed to sleep on it as to what to do next. I am not keen on defouling a crypt, but, burning it and this whole place to the ground had crossed my mind. More than once.

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