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Ridiculous Builds

I am playing in a d&d 3.5 game using Unearthed Arcana and variant rules including Gestalt Characters. Got me thinking, that the hours spent making this character it is really powerful.

Here is how it works.


A human rogue, 2 feats at level 1

Telling Blow: adds your sneak attack damage to critical hits

Deadly Defense: adds 1d6 damage when using light weapons and fighting defensively.


Level 3

Feat: Powerful Charge. Adds 1d8 damage to charging. Requires BAB +1


and, at level 4 we take 1 level of Scout for the Skirmish Ability.


So at level 4, fighting with light weapons…


We have a character that can deal 2d6 damage sneak attack, 1d6 damage if she moves 10 feet, +1d8 damage if she charges, +1d6 damage if fighting defensively, and +2d6 damage on criticals.

Add that all together and you have 6d6+1d8+strengthx2+weapon basex2 on a critical hit, charge, sneak attack while using a light weapon or a weapon that finesse applies too.

Well. that averages to around 25hp excluding weapon and/strength

Level 6 we pick up two weapon fighting

Level 9, Pounce? Allows you to make a full attack at end of a charge. That becomes 3 attacks

Sneak attacks are now 4d6 unless you went the scout way. Think with 6 levels of scout you would have 2d6 damage. But this doesnt count as Sneak Attack Damage so won’t be counted in for Telling Blow.

Can you say holy man crap my monster is dead DM’s.

This just bares one simple truth. Characters must be vetted and approved by the DM. Even if you have a million source books and days to create the character, each and everything you take from Feat to Classes to Spells should be approved by the DM or at the very least he should get your character sheet at each level. No surprising the DM with some uber spell or feat that came out of the Tome of ultimate doom or whatever.


And secondly this makes me think that Eclipse is the far better option when creating or coming up with your character idea. The character above has been skewed by party needs as well as “ooo” that Feat sounds cool.


Anyway. I am still having fun eviscerating bad guys. Last session took out 4 men on my own.

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