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Feats that Shouldnt be Feats

Ok weird topic. But overall there are several feats in the core D&D game (SRD) that really don’t need to be Feats

Here are a few ideas

Power Attack.

Now this sounds good. –x from attack +x to damage. So why make it a feat? Why not make it a normal special attack style like fighting defensively.

The Feat can still exist mind you. But my thinking is that a ‘Reckless Assault’ fighting style can be added. – 2x from your attack, and add +x to your damage. Thus making the Power Attack Feat still useful like Expertise. Limit this to a maximum –4/+2 same as fighting defensively.

Related to this, can be another, Flailing Attack for example that –2x from AC and adds x to damage or x to attack rolls.


Why a feat? Yeah I know leaders aren’t made they are born. Frankly this should just be in place from around level 8 or so for any class/any character with good Charisma. And should be awarded a) for good heroic deeds and b)if and only if the player and group wants followers

Point Blank Shot

Seriously? +1 to hit and +1 to damage only within 30 feet. This should be ‘standard’. Maybe make it with 15feet. Drop this completely as a prerequisite.

What about Careful Aim or Defending Shot? A feat that prevents the Attack of Opportunity for firing while in Melee?

Rapid Shot

Anyone can fight with two weapons without the feat. So why not have this as Quick Shot for Bows. –5 per shot? sounds fair. Feat can still stick around to lower the penalty.


There are tons more ‘feats’ that could easily be rolled into attack options. But I don’t feel like going through them all.

I have an issue with the whole prerequisite chains for some feats. Example you cant get Cleave without taking Power Attack. WTF is that? Why can’t Cleave be a stand alone Feat. And Power Attack doesnt count for light weapons but it does for natural or unarmed strikes. ?  hmm. Weird again.

Oh well. Enough bitching from me. I am waiting for the last 100megs of a game to download on Steam…  at least I killed some time with this. Smile

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