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Saboteur – Destructor

2A crazy nutjob of a character that likes blowing things up.

Well I just got my grubby hands on a Hard Cover print version of Eclipse and it rocks.

Now that is out of the way…

“I should have been a miner, “ the young lass said as the rocks crumbled around her sending dust and debris flying into the air. She was used to been covered in dirt, soot and smoke. Nothing unusual when you had the need to destroy things. And her need was very strong, and her ability equally so.

This character can technically fit two roles – the role of the blaster or the role of the rogue, trap finder or scout. Many of her abilities and spells/powers are dedicated to the destruction of inorganic material – but nothing is stopping her from turning that force onto the living.

Getting Started

As usual at first level we have 60cp (including 6 bonus for human).

We also have disadvantages. This character has an addiction. An odd one at that.She is dependent on having no power. When she has any power remaining (psionic power points) she suffers a – 3 to all her d20 rolls. As I said, it is odd. She just likes the feeling of been empty in side. When she has all this power it feels like she is boiling over or about to burst and is uncomfortable. Added to this she is also compulsive. She likes to destroy things. Essentially a pyromaniac. And lastly she is blocked from powers that deal damage not of sonic or fire elements. This also blocks powers that do not deal hit point damage but do ability damage etc.

That brings the total to 70cp at level 1, and fast learner from human gets specialised into skills.

The Basics

Hit Dice: d8 – 4cp. This is because she is constantly having rocks, debris and other stuff fall on her. It has toughened her up and also made her reflexes just a tad better at avoiding blows.

Saves: Ref +2, Fort +2 – 12cp. Fort is high due to suffocating smoke and dust she comes into contact with often.

Proficiencies: Simple Weapons – 3cp. Doubt she needs anything more than that.

Warcraft: 0 BAB – 0cp. Not really a combat character, she will advance like a standard rogue.

Skill Points: 12cp + 8sp. She is highly skilled in crafts and disabling devices etc. Probably good at dungeoneering and geography and survival as well. Tends to blow things up out of town.

This totals 31cp


I separate magic from the basic section for ease of readability. Her magic will be psionic, using Charisma and the Wilder Progression.This costs 6cp.We will probably buy a few more powers later on as well.

We buy one additional power at 3cp. Powers purchased would be Energy Ray and Energy Arc. Both she can only use fire or sonic energy. She has 2 Power + a bonus for high charisma (we would probably aim that at 18) for an additional 1 to 2 power.

Total magic cost: 9cp


Over the course of a few years of practicing and controlling her powers she was able to turn it to traps as well for some chaotic fun.

This is done via Meta Magic Theorems. As a spontaneous ‘caster’ these increase the casting time to 1 round or by an additional round when used. As always 1 spell level is equal to 2 power.

Triggering (6cp). This allows her to set traps using spells or powers.

Elemental Manipulation, Corrupted, only allows fire or sonic energies. (4cp)

Streamlined (6cp) applied to both the above. This reduces Spell Level costs by 1.

Awareness (6cp). She is not surprised by stuff and keeps her Dex bonus to AC and Ref saves

Danger Sense upgrade. +2 AC and Ref vs traps and/or falling objects, cave ins and the like. (2cp)

Damage Reduction. Specialised for physical damage only, and corrupted for non weapon damage. So this caters to rocks, cave ins, and traps and the like. Bought as DR 3, specialised and corrupted for effect to grant DR 9 for a cost of (6cp).

This totals 30cp

All in all she is effectively a wilder/blaster character. I have not included trap finding as I think in our group we ignore it mostly (ie the rogue special) but can always buy that at 3 or 4cp at later levels. Speaking of later levels…


Continuing the progression and also buying mana and / or the Glory Meta Magic. Eventually buying Fast as well as the character will be turning her powers to the living or the undead. Mana is useful as she can use it to increase caster level as well as an additional source of power not subject to her disadvantage.

Going the Mana route means buying Rite of Chi as well.

I also think buying Hysteria like the Wilder’s Wild Surge is a good idea as well. She is a very emotional, highly strung individual that gives off an aura that she is about to explode all the time.

More skills. Craft skills, Engineering are her focus.

More powers. Matter Agitation, and perhaps some defence powers later as well. Ecto Plasmic form would be good to around level 5 or 6 as it allows her to filter through piles of rubble.

All in all a good character for a dose of absolute chaos. Turning her evil and into the party’s nemesis is a good idea.

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