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An Innocent Scoundrel

A rogue grappler character

A young female street rat. very tomboyish, hangs around with boys a lot and does what they do – climbing trees, jumping fences, and wrestling.

Basically I am thinking a rogue like character with higher hit dice, possibly a good attack bonus and good at wrestling/non lethal combat. She also learned some thief style skills from varied teachers and situations and possible joined a small gang of house breakers at one stage – but seeing how they wrecked the home and hurt the occupants she wanted nothing to do with them, and tries use her skills for good – and even uses her skills to catch other thieves at times.

Building this character is rather simple.

d8 hit dice, lots of skills, focus skills on athletic style skills possibly buying the adept ability.For the wrestling focus we take Anime and specialise it to grappling. Well, let me put this together and see how it turns out.

Getting Started

At first level she has 54 character points, plus 6 for been human, total of 60. Fast Learner will be specialised for skills.

Disadvantages – probably broke and possibly outcast (amongst thieves) but won’t really worry about them.

The Basics

Hit Dice: d8 – 4cp

Saves: Ref +2 and Fort +2 – 12cp

Skills: 8sp from fast learner + 20cp

This totals 36cp


Anime Master, specialised for Grappling only. 3cp. Counts as size ‘large’ when grappling.

Evasive: Grapple. 3cp. No attack of opportunity if she starts a grapple.

Augment Attack: +1d6 on grapple damage, 3cp. This is non lethal damage

Reflex Training: After winning a grapple check can immediately make another standard action against target. This can be do damage or to pin the target etc. 6cp

Martial Arts: 3cp. improved unarmed combat. Also, damage increased to d6, but non lethal. +3cp.

This totals 21cp

Total class build is then 57cp, leaving 3cp for whatever else. We could increase martial arts to d8 damage then.

Further Advancement

  • Some form of awareness to keep your dexterity bonus when grappling. Possibly bought as an immunity.
  • Damage Reduction from physical attacks while in a grapple.
  • BAB / Warcraft etc. And skills. lots and lots of skills.
  • Bonus Attack, Grappling.
  • Possibly Reflex Training on an Attack of Opportunity to allow you to immediately make a grapple against that person – only applies to provokes from movement?
  • Possibilities or endless.

I kind of like this idea… 🙂

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