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Eclipse d20 – Star Wars Saga Edition

Been playing Star Wars Saga Edition for some time, and must say the system, althought it looks like 4E does not feel like it and lethality and death is real.  Decided, that the only real issue with SW Saga is that the classes are very linnear, so thought bout doing an Eclipse Conversion

I know Thoth has probably done one already….


Anyway, here is my 2 cents worth in a simple table


  •        noble cp defences 9 linguist 6 wp simple 3 wp pistols 6 class skills 42 6 trained 18 talent 6 d6 hd 2 wealth 92  
  •      scoundrel cp 9 point blank 6 3 6 class 48 4 trained 12 6 d6hd 2 92  
  •      scout 9 feat 6 wp simple 3 wp pistols 6 wp rifles 6 class 48 trained 15 talent 6 d8 hd 4 103
  •    soldier 9 feat 6 light, med 9 pistols 6 rifles, simple 9 class 33 trained 9 talent 6 d10 6 93
  •      jedi 9 feat 6 wp lightsaber 6 simple 3 class 33 trained 6 talent 6 d10 6 75


A bit lazy so not going over board with details. Essentially assigned each ‘class skills’ as 3 cp, and training in skills as 3cp per training (even though skill training is actually 6 cp for the feat).

Basically Jedi get shafted on CP, although they do get their lightsaber 3000 credits worth wich is not bad (possibly worth 6cp for that?). and Scouts seem about more powerful with an average of 10cp above the other classes.


Figure this way, each first level character starts with 90cp.  one can drop the costs for Class Skills. That would drop the average CP cost per class down to 40 (scoundrel, noble), 50 for the scout, 60 for the soldier and 40 for jedi.  


this basically falls into the 24cp per level (48 cp for first level characters).  Also these numbers do not inlcude Species or Level 1 Bonus Feat.


oops… Base Attack Bonuses –  forgot that one, that only affects the Solider and Jedi (+1 each for 6cp).


Advancing levels would be pretty straight forward. Seeing you dont need to buy more “skill points or saves”, one doesnt need much

Hit Dice (min 2 cp, max 6cp)

BAB (min 3 cp, max 6cp)

Talent or Bonus Feat (6 cp either way) 

Total of +- 18cp per level maximum there

one can addd a cost of 9 cp for +1 to each defence (add level to defence)

so giving the base of 24cp would still work in a way.  or drop it to 18cp and ignore the cost of defences as each character gets that anyway.

Thoughts here?  will probably come back and tidy this one up.


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