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Desert Dancer Elementalist

A d20 Eclipse Character Build using alternate magic systems



The basic idea behind this character is an exotic ‘princess’ from a far away, desert filled land. A land where tradition and honour are valued as much as fresh water. Here, Serin, was born. She was born to the elder Bloodspeaker – the priests of the land, able to communicate with the ancestors who now fill the world.

The ancestors can be seen and felt. From the softest spring rains, to the rage of sand storms and the ever shifting dunes.The ancestors live in the land and the Bloodspeakers and talk to them, hear them. And by doing so they motivate, inspire, and guide their followers – thus keeping traditions alive for centuries.

As the only child, and a girl child of the Elder, she was destined to continue in her father’s place – but this in itself was a change from ‘tradition’ as only males were meant to be blessed with the Bloodspeaker gift. Serin had shown signs of it early on, and going against tradition, her father taught her how to ‘hear’ and how to ‘speak’. Still it would be many years before the people would accept a woman as their faith-leader.

It so happened that Serin, feeling the unease of the people when she stood by her father’s side, begged him to let her go on board one of the Trading Ships. Again, a break in tradition. She was almost ‘smuggled’ on board the ship and told to stay in her cabin. Only one man would come and give her food – none were allowed to discover her, her father had warned. “I would simply perish if you were to be deflowered by a drunken horde of sailors!” he would say, not knowing that it was but a few months before that a foreigner seduced her and took her virginity.

So, Serin found herself on the ship. Fate had its own plans and the ship was attacked by pirates. All but a dozen or so men were spared, and she was a prize to be taken. Although the pirates at first tried to force her, she fought back with tooth and claw fiercely, they eventually gave up and she was to be sold as a slave-girl in the Port.

So, we have a well educated, priestess of the distant desert kingdoms; a girl about to be auctioned to the highest bidder and all this time, she kept her gift a secret, thinking that these savages would surely kill her if her magic was revealed.

The Build Summary:

Bloodspeakers have several commonalities. These include:

entertainment and performance skills – dancing, singing, oratory

history and local knowledge skills

religious knowledge skills

the younger ones tend to be fit, and flamboyant. Most younger Bloodspeakers tend to ‘focus’ heavily on one element, and as the grow older and wiser they add in the others. The most common elemental magic in the deserts is Sun (Fire). Followed closely by Sand(Earth) and Wind(Air). The least common and often most valued is Water.

Bloodspeakers use the Rune Magic System, choosing one or two elements at level one and adding others as they grow. Serin is a bit different and has all four elemental skills at level one.

The Build: Getting Started

As a human, we start with 48 character points plus 6 for the level one feat and 6 for been human. Total of 60 points. I am going to upgrade Fast Learner Skills, paying 3 cp to get 2skill points per level (which means 8 at level one).

That leaves 57 points.

The Basics

Hit Dice: d6 – not a combat specialise even though many spells will be damaging types. 2cp

Warcraft: 3cp. Again, not combat focused. (this equates to +1 BAB per 2 levels)

Saves: Fort +2. 6cp. People in the deserts are a tough lot.

Proficiencies: Simple Weapons (3cp), Light Armour(3cp), Small Shields (2cp – this is corrupted to small/light shields only). Total 8cp.

Skills: Rune magic is skill based, so we will add 24cp for skills here. + 8 points for been human and + around 8 for intelligence of 14 or so. Total of 40 skill points.

Total: 43 character points

Magic and Feats 

Rune Magic

We have four sets of skills here.

Sun Casting (Charisma Based), Sun Mastery (Intelligence Based)

Sand Casting (Charisma Based), Sand Mastery (Intelligence Based)

Wind Casting (Charisma Based), Wind Mastery (Intelligence Based)

Water Casting (Charisma Based), Water Mastery (Intelligence Based)

We are going to ‘specialise’ these skills for effect, requiring Serin to make a Performance Check, DC 15+2xSL, to cast the spell. The performance skill used should be appropriate to the Spell Effect.


Dancing – Sun/Sand – movements etc

Singing/Oratory – Wind/Water – crashing of waves, blowing winds etc

Instrumental perform skills can also be used – for example Stringed instruments for Sun, Wind instruments for Wind, percussion for Sand/water.

The Player/GM should agree and the player should have a sample of spells based on normal spells to make it easier and quicker.

The Specialisation Effect is to have the “Spell Effects” cost 1 Spell Level instead of 1 mana per effect level. Thus the player can buy ‘Mana” as spell levels.

These skills cost skill points. Serin wants high Sun and Sand. So puts 4 skill points into each of those skills (total 8 skill points). Wind she puts 2 skill points in (total of 4 skill points) and Water 1 in each (total of 2 skill points) – that is a total of 22 skill points. Other skills will be Perform (Dancing, Oratory, Stringed, Singing – 3 ranks each 12 skill points), Knowledge (History, Religion  – 2 ranks each, 4 skill points), Diplomacy 2 skill points. Concentration, Survival, Spell Craft are good candidates for remaining skill points.


Mana as Spell Levels x 1. 6 character points, 2d6 (8 spell levels).

Adept: Sun and Sand Rune magic skills cost half. 6 character points.

Total 12cp

Build Total. 58. 2 Character Points remain can be saved or used for additional skills if allowed by the GM.

So, what does it all mean.

Essentially Serin has 8 spell levels per day and they refresh each day after 8 hours of rest, just like normal spell casters.

She can create spell effects as follows.

Sun/Sand Spells. Caster Level (based on Charisma +3) 3. (4 ranks +3 bonus = 7 /2 round down).

Max Level Effect (intelligence mod +2) is 1. (ranks 4+2 = 6 / 2, round down.)

Wind Spells: Caster Level 2 (2 ranks + cha +3 = 5/2 round down.)

Max Level Effect is 1. (2 +2 intelligence = 4/4)

Water Spells: Caster Level is 2 (1 rank + 3 mod = 4 /2), and Max Effect is (1 rank + 2 / 4 round down) is 0 or 0th level effect.

Casting a spell requires a check DC 15 + 2 x SL. (yes casting on defensive requires two checks).

Likely spell effects include:

Burning Hands – slashing instead of fire damage as a gust of super fast sand flays the skin off the targets. Sand Based spell

Orb of Fire, Lesser or Produce Flame – Sun based spell.

Obscuring Mist – instead of mist its slow moving cloud of sand and dust. Wind based spell.

Create Water – level 0 spell.

More creative ones. Grease as quick sand instead of grease.  Slows people down. How about Entangle, targeting the ground in the area instead of plants  – same effect though.

We could step to the ‘edge’ of the skills and have water/air spells create illusions – these are very common in the deserts. Sun spells could be related to charms as well. Sand spells could effect movement (Expeditious retreat) or even Harden Ones Skin (Barkskin or mage armour.)

The character is Very versatile in magic with different degrees of success/skill.

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