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A Healers Nightmare

A d20 Character Build with Eclipse – A Healer with a ‘flaw’


Everyone knew of Laine, the young girl gifted with the healers touch. But none knew of the price she… and ultimately they had to pay for their wounds, and diseases to simply ‘vanish’.

Everything has a price Laine, her mom used to say, everything.

This is a build based on the Blood Mind concept I did a few weeks ago. Major difference, this girl is ‘good’ and uses her powers to heal.

Getting Started

54 CP at level 1, including first level feat.


Broke (+3cp): Laine was kicked out of her home by her father after displaying ‘devils’ magic by healing a stray dog.

Healing Resistant (+3cp): Laines powers to heal don’t work that well on herself

That leaves a balance of 60cp

The Basics

Hit Dice: d8, this is not so much because she is expecting combat, but more on how her powers may end up working. 4cp

Saves: Fortitude +2, Will +1 total of 9cp

BAB: 0cp

Skills: 8cp not many skills needed, maybe a few ranks in heal itself, but she tends to rely on her powers for healing rather than actual knowledge. Skills will be more civilian and city orientated. Craft: Seamstress, Profession:Cook, etc things she would have learned at home.

Total: 21cp



Inherent Spell: Based on Comsumptive Field (9cp), 2 times per day

Casting: Casting time 1 full round

Range: 10ft

Area: 10ft radius emanation centered on you

Duration: Instant, Special (1 round per slain creature)

Save: Will negates

SR: Yes

This spell functions similar to death knell. Each creature on –1 to –dead hit points within the area is affected and must make a Will Save (DC 10+ 1/2 Level + Cha) or die. For each creature slain, Laine heals 1d4 hit points (or gains temp hp if healed over her max), gains 1 mana point(see below or 1 temp point if at max), gains 1 “caster level” (maximum + half actual level, min 1), and +1 to bonus to strength.

The spell once ‘cast’ effects those in the area and then ends. Temporary points and bonus to strength and caster level last for 1 round per creature slain in this matter

The effect is also very enjoyable and almost addictive.

This is a level 3 spell affect, and thus Lain has it at 1 use per day.

Extra Uses: +1 per day, +3cp cost.

Mana: 8 mana points (6 cp)

This is specialised. She does not gain the other benefits of having mana and nor does her mana regain on its own – she has to use her spell (above).

When her mana is drained, Laine almost suffers from withdraw effects like an addict. This is purely roleplaying. At low or 0 Mana she is more likely to find some dying soul to kill.

Specialised for Effect

Healing Touch (12 cp)

Heal Cha Mod x Level max in one ‘application’

Improved: Can use limited heal spells and cure spells. Remove Disease, Lesser Restoration, Remove Blind/Deaf, Cure Serious Wounds, Remove Curse.

Switch: can switch between all of the effects gained by Improved.

Empower: Adds neutralize poison and restoration as per improved.

All of this is specialised. Specialised for Cost

Costs Mana to activate, 1 mana per active use of healing. (Thus using healing touch to heal hit points 3 times in the day costs 3 mana.). Using Improved effects cost 2 mana per use. Optionally Laine can take on the effect she is curing herself instead of paying Mana. Thus she can pay her own hit points to heal hit points (1:1 basis), take on diseases or curses etc. Of course  Laine really does not like doing this due to her healing resistance disadvantage. Times per day/week are irrelevant as she uses Mana to power everything or absorbs the effect/damage herself

Base cost 24cp

Occult Sense: Death Watch (6cp)

Laine has the uncomfortable gift of seeing who is dying.

Essentially at a range of 15ft, she can tell if someone is injured, diseased, poisoned, blinded, cursed etc. She can also tell if someone is near death (less than 3 hit points, or one of their ability scores is very low (usually Con been damaged by a disease) and can tell those that are dying (on –1 or less hit points).

This ability can not be turned off. Sometimes Laine will hide away if she sees too many dying people.

Reputation: 6cp

Laine is known in her small neighbourhood for her power. Gangs and Thugs native to the neighbourhood will never harm her and many people will come to her aid if she was in trouble. The draw back here is that Laine must ‘leave’ her neighbourhood to find people to kill when she needs to recharge. She can perhaps get away with “I am sorry, it was too late to save him.” once or twice, but too often and this reputation would turn bad and she could be called a witch.

Total Specials Cost: 39cp

Total Build Cost: 60cp

Woohoo exactly right. And I though of this character last night after midnight!



Typical advancement would be more Mana (perhaps every other level)

Improvements to Fort Saves (when she absorbs a disease or poison she must immediately make the saves.)

Extra Uses of her Inherent Spell

At later levels, it is possible that Laine may even gain some small casting abilities.

One could easily take Heal Domain, and Cure Domain (Cure diseases etc). And power it all by Mana but this essentially replaces the healing touch.

Depending on what happens to her, Laine could turn bad and gain the Reverse of the Healing Touch as well!

This kind of character would be best suited in low power city based adventures and games where there is no other healer available. Could also be used as the mysterious NPC benefactor or some key person in a game.

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