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Spy vs Spy–d20 Character Build with Eclipse

d20 Role Playing Character – Rogue Variant

VictorianaMy favourite Dungeons & Dragons Class must be the Rogue. Sneaky, silent, deadly. And if a woman, usually gorgeous and even deadlier! I have never been the upfront toe to toe barbarian or fighter type player and tend to find magic boring mostly. So, using my favourite class as a base I am setting on creating a Spy.


Salma always wondered at the fading image of a man in her mind. Even as a young child she wondered who he was. She asked about him, and finally her mother told her. She was fourteen summers when she was told the secret of the Spy Network. Specialists who worked for the King Himself. Spying on other lords and royals, even other nations. Her father was one of them. And a good one apparently. But not good enough. She was six years old when he vanished. Over time her memory of him faded into nothing more than images and words, perhaps a story a poem or a song. She was alone. Even though her mother was near and loving and caring, Salma felt a big part of her was missing. And on that day, as her mother told her the story, she vowed to find him. No matter what it took…

A day later Salma headed for the King’s Palace…


Using Eclipse, lets get started

48 character points for level 1, 6 for level 1 feat, +6 for human bonus (I like humans). We specialise Fast Learner for skills (2 skill points per level), Duties +2 per level, Restrictions (+1 cp per level) – This character is blocked from using magical equipment (Reason behind this is that magical signatures can be tracked) One can also add 3 disadvantages to get another 10cp, for Salma, Unarmoured, Vow (to find her father) and Valuable (if the enemy finds out who she is…  her information is valuable) Basically think Covert Affairs or a Covert Operative that lives a normal life but cannot tell anyone who she is. Secret can be another disadvantage.

Totalling this up we get 73 + 8 skill points at level 1


The Basics

Hit Dice: d6 – 2cp

Saves: +1 on each, 9cp

BAB: 0

Skill Points: 2cp (min) +8 skill points

Simple Weapons: 3cp

Martial Weapons: 6cp

Totals up to 22cp

This character has no spell casting progression.



Enthusiast plus upgrades: 9cp

This grants 2cp that can be added to anything (skills, languages are good) with 1d4+1 hours rest/focus.

Equipage 6cp

Grants 4 GP per level per week of goods value. Spy movies abound where the hero has gadgets etc. This effectively replicated that and will be upgraded over time.

Specialised for effect, no weapons or armour or shields.

Cloaking 6cp

Lying. This fools any divine attempt to perceive lies

Melding: 6cp

Salma can adopt any culture, customs, accents swiftly enough to pass for a native in that area. This does not include languages (but combined with Enthusiast…)

Guises: 6cp

Salma can create up to 3 fake identities with several weeks preparation.

Track: 3cp

Urban Tracking using Gather Information

Adept: 6cp

Disguise, Bluff, Sense Motive, Diplomacy

Totalling 42cp

Tried to keep this under 43 cp (12 cp for 0, and level 1, 10cp for disadvantages and 3 cp for the ongoing bonuses and 6cp for level 1 feat)


Total cost (so far) 64cp

the remaining 9cp gets plugged into skills at this level as well.

Total Skill Points 19 (11cp+8 skill points)

One may shift some things to later levels for more skill points, adept means that those 4 skills only cost half. Probably need some more thought/focus on this character, but all in all not too bad for a non magical spy.

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