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Eclipse d20–Elder Scrolls Hero

Building the Elder Scrolls Hero in Eclipse for d20 roleplaying

I have been considering a first level Oblivion style adventure class, built with the Eclipse system.

So, disregarding race, we start at level 1 with 54 character points to build the character. My opinion on an adventurer should be a fairly skilled character, able to use many different weapons and perhaps using light and medium armour.

The Basics

Hit Dice: I think d8 is suitable for 4CP

Saves: +1 on each for an adventurer for 9cp

Skills: I would think 8 character points on skills 8cp

Light Armour and Medium Armour Proficiencies for 9cp

Simple Weapon and Martial Weapon for 9cp

And throw in shields as well for 3cp

BAB: 0 at level 1. They are not soldiers after all

totalling that up comes to 42cp!


Well that is not so shocking coz the class doesn’t really need much.



All Elder Scrolls heroes started off with a firebolt and minor heal spell.

This is easily replicated in Eclipse

Option 1:

Inherent Spell – taking Lesser Fire Orb and Cure Light wounds, each usable 2/day.

This costs only 6cp

Which totals the cost to 48cp, leaving the level 1 6cp feat free for almost anything

Advancement would mean taking extra uses on Inherent Spell and potentially upgrading it over time. Cure Light wounds caps at 1d8+5hp at level 5 and is usually not worthwhile in combat so you might upgrade that to Cure Moderate (another 6cp for Inherent Spell, useable twice per day)

Option 2:

This would mean taking Rune Magic (Fire) and Rune Magic (Healing)

Taking the skills individually means a min of 1cp per skill (2 skills each) for a cost of 4cp and also 6cp for Mana(1d6 mana). Quite an expensive option as that takes up the level 1 feat as well. But this does mean the character can boost this as he gains levels and this be able to do better things such as fireballs and bigger healing spells

Lets assume he takes Intelligence as his main ability score for this magic (mainly coz Intelligence gives you bonus skill points as well which you could plug into these skills). You could spend 6cp to take ‘adept’ for the four skills here so they cost half and 6cp on mana for 1d6 mana.

So with an Int score of 16 you would have 12 extra skill points at level 1 + the 8 bought with Character Points for a total of 20. With adept in place, you can spend 1 skill point (4 total) to get a rank of 2 in each skill (with a total of 5 due to intelligence).

Bare in mind Armor Check Penalties applies (which I kind of like, it lowers the spell level you can cast, but otherwise has no major other effect – you hardly ‘roll’ these skills).

At level 1 you won’t be wanting to use your powers as they don’t regenerate (1 mana point per day)

As you increase level you will take more Mana Points and also Rite of Chi which lets your restore mana with a short rest.

Option 3:

A low progression. Perhaps using Adept (6cp) with a limited spell list.

For Example:

  • Healing subschool
  • Evocation/Fire subschool / Light Sub School
  • Conjuration/Summoning subschool (I loved summoning skels in Oblivion and then sitting back with my bow)
  • Illusion/Glammer for Invisibility and Displacement

This option means adding and paying for the progression each level, but it is still an option.


Skills of note

As an adventure you want a wide range of skills, even low ranks are better than none.

Perception/Spot and Listen and Search are important

Stealth / Hide and Move Silently

Open Lock

Disable Device (in Eclipse and also in our games, anyone can disarm traps with the skill, not only rogues)

Tumbling / Jumping / Climbing

Knowledge – Nature, Dungeoneering (most adventurers wind up in dungeons and caves quite often)


Craft – mainly for crafting and repairing weapons and armour as Alchemy is quite a tricky subject in d20

Diplomacy for haggling with merchants

and if option 2 is taken you need the Rune Casting and Rune Mastery skills for your four skills


All in all, I think either option will make a good character.

Advancement Costs

d8 hit dice, 4cp

BAB, +1 per 2 levels (3cp effectively)

+1 to two saves each level (6cp)

+5 skill points at least (5cp)


6cp remains for adhoc abilities or improving Mana or taking spell progression Adept

At feat levels, the 6cp bonus can be used to customise the base Adventurer Class. Thinks like Rapid Shot (Bonus Attack), or Power Attack depending on what style you want to use. Even Sneak attack can be bought later on…


All in a good all rounder build. You could save cp in the beginning by not taking Medium Armour for example. Other abilities such as Block could be added later on (corrupted only with shield for example)

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