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Eclipse Barbarian–Creating a Monster

I set about creating a beserker charcter – really tough one too.  here is the break down…


The end result is a character that has 151 hp at level 7, deals 3d6+12 damage while raging per attack and has 3 attacks per round.


ok draw backs, no Armor Class to speak of, but he is built to kill…  and do it quickly.



Beserker as p er barbarian 6
+4 str, Con, +2 Will  
 -2 to AC  
3+ConMod rounds 1/day  
1 user per day per 3 levels 7 per day  
fatigued after use  
Anime Master (Racial) Treat as one size larger for grapple, weapons etc  
Damage Reduction: 6 vs magical cold only  
Augmented Bonus str to hit points 18
Damage Reduction DR 10/- 36 12
specialised physical (cost)  
corrupted only while in rage (cost)  
Bonus Uses: Beserker 4 extra rages per day 6
Bonus Attack While in rage 6
-2 to all attacks see below  
Grant of Aid 2d8+10 avg 20 3 per day 6
Specialised for HP only, double effect  
Corrupted, gained as temporary hp at begining of a rage only  
Bonus Attack Improved, no penalties 6
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