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From the Journal of Cenfic Aethelm–Session 002, 28 August

Journal Entry for Session 2, 28th August

It seemed that Kessler left us, perhaps with his own agenda. I would only assume he was well on his way to Krakmoor now – per chance to lay the seed of our own destruction or something far, far more sinister I would wager.

We ate little that morning and left, a tactically sound marching order with our scouts, Eel and Countryboy riding up front, some twenty yards from the rest of us. The tiger-man Theran seemed to like moving a lot, travelling back and forth between the front of the ‘caravan’ and the back. I, as usually, stuck close to Alvor, taking up a position in the rear with the Wood Wraith bow in hand. It seemed a bit uncomfortable to me, the grip not designed for my hands and well warn for its previous owner.

We travelled a few miles, the wind chill biting at us, and a strange fog or mist was visible ahead. The scouts turned back, with the question all of us were asking already: “What to do?” It was almost obvious that the chill mist was no ordinary thingy, but the boys mentioned standing stones and that had “sold” us on the decision – myself and Alvor that is. We wanted to investigate and so we did.

Alvor did some translations of the runes, suggestion that this area was the tomb of none other than Thalad’s himself. General Thalad who fought along side St Remus and the great Dragon Mekkanivar to save the world, to save something that she was guarding. They died here, in this place, fighting of a literal swarm of demon kind. The same kind that attacked us now!

Two demons, a Sword Demon and a Spear Demon Alvor named them. He wished for us to flee, but it was too late. The demons attacked.

The fight was brutal, despite several hard strikes from my bow and a tremendous slam from Rygar, these beasts did not give in. I though the fight was turning against us as Rygar fell to the Sword Demon in three swift hits! I made a judgement call and ‘ordered’ Alvor to run to the circle of stones, hoping the demons could not enter there. Alas he hit a solid force, much like that within the Daedenic ruins. I gasped. An armoured knight appeared before him, within the Circle. I was sure it was Thalad himself.

I had not time to think of him, as the Spear Demon through a spear at Alvor, almost pinning him to a standing stone. I sword on St Regus’s name, my last few shots had missed their mark, but this one would not.

The first missed, the second filled with baleful energy caught the demon under its arm, bringing it to the ground. The rest of my group ran to aid Alvor, saving him and in a way, saving me.

Rygar was back up now, I can’t quite recall how save for potion-flasks been thrown to the Displacer Beast Aranel. She does not fail to surprise me.

By some miracles, we won and the Sword Demon fell, only his sword left behind and the spear of the spear demon. We headed General Thalad’s words and entered the ring for safety now that we were “worthy” he said. The tiger man felt alone, depressed, unworthy of such and waited a moment even though the demons’ own general approached. Quick words from the bat-boy Teliesen saw his spirits rise somewhat and he entered the ring just as the darkness that was the demon-general would have enveloped him.

There is a time for honour and self doubt, but when ones life would be lost because of the later, can it still be said that you died with the former? I think not.

General Thalad. It was amazing, we spoke to him as if he lived. He spoke of the great battle and what had transpired. Spoke of Mekkanivar’s charge – the Rod of Ossilith. He showed an image, the same I saw in my visions within the Ruins. I had no doubt that was it. The General seemed certain that the outsiders had need of it, and spoke to Theran that he saw or read of a prophecy where a great man, a half tiger man, would stand against the nameless dark and with the Rod, would slay him. Perhaps not in so many words.

General Thalad went on to say that he has the Rod in his tomb, but we were not worthy. Turning to Rygar he spoke of a place called Poison Bay where the great dragon Tharenthraxis laid waste to an entire city, destroyed the lands about it, turning them to ash, poisoning the very sky and air and the bay and river. The name was not just a name, but a true description of the place. He said, to earn the worthiness and attain the Rod, he (speaking directly to Rygar) must acquire from that place that which was stolen from Mekkanivar. A great Hour Glass – an image of two men and two women holding up the glass. Return this to me, and I will give you the Rod.

With that, Thalad dispersed back within his Tomb, and Alvor spoke through the door to him apparently. I left that area, and went behind the great mound, and sat down to clear my head so that I could attune myself to this place. What I saw almost did not make sense…. but I can never forget it.

The General, St Remus were fighting off hordes of Demons, and here, in this place, by favour of Rator, the God of Defence, they held them back for a moment and actually achieved victory. In the distance hills I could see the banners of the Pedition Icon approaching… They were after what Mekkanivar guarded. The Rod. They were after the Rod and had Demons and servants? Demons? By the Rose….

I came out of the vision, the others were talking and preparing camp. I said nothing for a while, and then spoke to Rygar.

In his world, he mentioned a great shadow that they were preparing to fight as well. No name of it though, just that they needed some Scroll to achieve victory. Perhaps it is the Rod they seek then, the rod they need in their World. This would make much sense as to Why they are here now. The gods of our world and theirs are playing a part it would seem, aiding both our worlds to rid us of the Nameless Dark.

Three days later we arrived back at Krakmoor City and I approach the Baron with my report. For the first time in my life, I feel nervous. Almost afraid. I hope it does not show.

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