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Shifting Mind

As the sun sets across the land, and men and women return to their homes for safety from the darkness, one does not. For he has no home to call his own, and at night he never sleeps. When night falls, she takes over and awakes to a world with no sun – the only world she knows.

By day, a hulking male, a savage fighter; by night, a gentler, but calculating magus.

The Build

This is probably a clichéd story, but with a twist. At night she is pure/innocent and by day she is a ‘monster’.  This is an Eclipse build, at level 1. Something I wouldn’t mind playing if the others in the group were no immediately aware of his/her curse.

Level 1 character, 54 CP, + 6(Human), + 10 (disadvantages) for a total of 70 Character Points.

The Basics

Simple and Martial Weapons: 9 cp

Light, Medium Armour: 9 cp

Shields: 3 cp

d10 Hit Dice: 6 cp

0 BAB/Warcraft: 0 cp

Skill Points: 2 cp

Fort, Will Save +1 each: 6 cp

Total: 35 cp – wow, that is HALF of the available points



The character will be split into a day/night person (Corruption on all abilities – some available at night and some only by day)


This is the main ability that ‘allows the change’. This is both specialised (only for changing gender) and corrupted (no control)

Cost breakdown is 6 base plus 3 for variation, or 9. Dropping it to a final cost of 3 cp. This can easily be paid for with an Accursed disadvantage.



Berserker: + 4 Strength, Con, –2 Armour Class, +2 Will Defence : 6 cp

Corrupted, day only: 4 cp

Expertise: Reckless Assault: 6 cp

This one is a minus from AC to add to Damage, maximum 1 point traded per level

Corrupted, day only: 4 cp


Overall, the ‘male’ version doesn’t need much. That’s a total of 8 cp



The female is a mage. To save on costs, we buy this as:

Cleric Progression, non packaged: 8 cp

Corrupted, night only: 6 cp

Limitations: Components (yes, that means Arcane Failure), Studies (spontaneous caster). Uses Intelligence and Arcane Spells

Spell Pool – to add to the flexibility: 6 cp

Corrupted, night only: 4 cp

Spell Formulae: 6 cp

Buying 3 additional spells for the character. Cannot corrupt this though Smile

This is a total of 16 cp


Total Level 1 Cost is: 24cp + 35cp + 3cp for shifting or a total of 62cp, thus we could even ditch a few disadvantages.

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