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The Healer

In the old 2nd edition version of DnD, it basically fell to the poor Cleric to be the party’s magical healer. While healing magic is still the domain of the divine, clerics have become much more flexible with the release of 3rd Edition, and 3.5 as well as Pathfinder.

The one weakness I have always seen though, is that it is kind of hard to specialise in a healer with any real effect, so I thought about that and thought about using Eclipse for the build.

So here goes:

The Concept

An unarmoured healing women. Saintly and angelic. Thinking with many strictures similar to that of the Paladin.


The Build – we start off with 48cp plus 6 for the level 1 feat. Total of 54 cp


Basics: 11 cp

d4 hit points. The character should not get in toe to toe fighting (more of this later):0 cp

simple weapons: 3 cp

0 bab

+2 will: 6 cp

+2 skill points: 2 cp


Magic: 10 cp

Cleric Package: 10 cp

This also grants 2 x domains, the specialist spell slots as well as 2 feats associated with the domains.

Domains would be Healing and Protection

Feats granted are Extension – so that you can cast your cure spells at close range, and Streamline (so that Extension does not increase level)

Also grants specialise +1 slot per level. This will be cure/healing only spells

The Cleric Progression will be limited with duties (cleric) as well as restrictive (no damaging spells). In addition we use Charisma as the primary casting attribute.


Specials: 18 cp

In addition to this, we grant the Healer Presence for 6 cp and upgrade this to improved and superior for another 12 cp

Total effect here is that any creature within 10 ft not attacking her gains the benefits of the lesser vigor spell: Fast Healing 1, that heals a max of 10+Healer Level hit points in any single encounter. Yes this does mean that smart enemies can get close to her and heal while fighting her allies.

Improved grants a +4 skill bonus for social situations – calming people down, trying to prevent fights etc.

Superior is “Aura of Pureness”: Any intelligent being (min 3 intelligence) must make a Will Save DC 13 + Cha Modifier to attack her. This is broken if she attacks any enemy.


Total build so far is only 39 cp


For 8 cp we add a specialised Channeling for Conversion only into Cure Effect, useable 3+Cha mod per day  (Base cost would be 6cp for conversion, 6 for 3 per day, and 3 to add Cha – total 15)

This turns her Channel into a 60ft radius Cure Wounds effect up to a max of level 3. This is limited by her level, thus at level 1 it will be a Cure light, level 2 would be a Cure Mod, and level 3 a cure Serious.

This also heals all living creatures and has no effect on undead at all (even though cure spells can harm undead)


47 cp


The other 7 cp could be used for another feat perhaps and some additional skill points.

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