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The Anti Magus

The man walked through the market plaza of Galbirinth – the Silver City of the Southern Desert Kingdoms. As he walked, a cold sensation filtered through him, a spell casters ‘trick’ suddenly failed and fizzled out, snuffed out like a candle. Potions and arcane powders turned to clean water and dust, merchants started to panic and street-mages packed up the shows – leaving quickly before their reputations got ruined any further.


The Build:

As with all my builds, this is an Eclipse Build.

Essentially this is a character the nullifies magic – even magic items etc. that would benefit him or his allies (if he ever got any).

At level 1, that is a standard 54 point build + 10 worth of disadvantages (GM may or may not allow you to ‘block’ use of magical items etc.) so that becomes a total of 64 character points.



Hit Dice d6 2 cp
Weapon Proficiency Simple 3 cp
Saves Fort, Will +1 each 6 cp
Armour None 0
Warcraft – BAB None 0



Now this gets tricky. The only real effect here is Anti Magic Field which is a 6th level spell.

Inherent Spell seems the obvious way to go. The base starts with a max Level 3 Spell, one can try and specialise this for double effect (if the GM allows) thus giving you a level 6 spell, 1 /day. Most GM’s would never allow this, but you could say specialise it that you take Hit Point damage equal to every Spell Level effect it nullifies.  Without this specialising, the cost of Inherent Spell would be:

6 cp for base (1 spell )

6cp for Advanced 1 (1 spell)

6 cp for Advanced 2 (1 spell, level 4 max)

6 cp for advanced 3 (1 spell, level 5 max)

6 cp for advanced 4 (1 spell, level 6 max)

That’s a whopping 30cp and you get 5 spells for that.  Seeing we only want the one spell, I figure we could easily “specialise” the whole group down to 15 cp cost, for only 1 level 6 spell (Anti Magic Field), and then possible corrupt it as well down to 10 cp) requiring a check every time magic is near the character? or something like that.


This stretches the use of Inherent Spell to its limit, and although the idea here is not for this effect to be beneficial – its designed to be a roleplaying hook.


Option 2:

Innate Enchantment

That’s 6 cp and gives you 5000 gp worth of a magic item.  Instead of using Anti Magic which could cost around 80 000 gp, we can take Dispel Magic (level 3, and yes could take this for the Inherent Spell)

A dispel magic ‘ring’ would probably cost 18000 gp.  that would raise the cp cost of innate enchantment to 19 cp.

We would take immunity (XP cost of innate enchantment) probably a full 6 cp.

Bringing this version to a cost of 25 cp, and unlimited use of Dispel Magic which must still be activated.

Add Reflex Training / when within 10ft of any magic / std action to activate dispel magic (6 cp)

That brings us up to 31 total.


Option 3:

Inherent Spell, Dispel Magic

Cheapest option as this will only cost 6 cp, but only give 1 use per day. Upgrades (4 extra uses) cost another 6 cp.  That’s 12 total

Add in reflex training above, for 6 cp.  That’s 18 total.

One can also Corrupt/Specialise any of the above to Cost Mana (taking mana for 6 cp of course) or to deal damage back to the character.  At the end of the day, probably a nice neutral/bad guy but most likely not playable as a character.


As a ‘funnier option’ one can take the Absorption Effect of Innate Enchantment and tie it in with “Presence” – activates Absorption when within 10 ft of any magical item (this does not effect spells though). You could then buy innate enchantment over the course of several levels, absorbing item effects on first come first serve basis. Perhaps ‘ruling’ that new items replace old ones etc so the character never gets to decide what he has. Options for corruption or specialisation is that the character gains no benefit from items absorbed…


Anyway, this was a good wast of an hours worth of ‘work time’ – better get back to it.

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