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Infernal Seduction – d20 Character Build

livanacompreThis is R Rated – Lol.  Idea came up when a fried mentioned how the evil Succubus ‘works’. So I decided to put a class together based on it – here goes.

Getting Started

54 Character Points, Plus 10 for Disadvantages (64), Plus 2 per level for duties, 66, and Human Feat, 72.

The Basics

Hit Dice – d6 – 2cp. Rogueish class.

Warcraft: 3cp. Will have minimum of Level/2 BAB.

Saves: Will +2, For +2 – 12cp. Yes has both to counter potential diseases as well.

Proficiencies: Simple Weapons, 3cp. No Armour.

Skills:12cp on Skills, +3cp to upgrade human fast learner to 2sp per level (8sp at level one). Social skills are a must for this class.

Total of 35cp. Big ouch.


Magic: Psion Progression, Charisma Based, Spontaneous, no wide are destruction. Base of 12cp. This is further specialised – Granted Powers.

Specialisation Details: The character’s own bloodline is tainted with infernal blood (demonic, devilish, doesnt really matter) and “he” now deals with a single entity that grants him powers. Every morning he spends an hour in a personal conversation with his patron – a ”sales” meeting if you will where he discusses the previous days tasks and successes. The entity then decided simply to grant him his power. This affects his actual power points and not his powers known. Effect of the Specialisation is to increase his powers known by 50% and Increase his Power Points by 50%. The GM may want to require diplomacy rolls every morning, with the result directly influencing how many power points he gets.

Example: At Level One, the GM may say make a Diplomacy Check, DC 10. For every 5 points above 10 you gain 1 power point. With 4 ranks in Diplomacy and a Charisma say of 16 (+3) that is quite a requirement and suited to the Level. At Level 3 for instance with a +10 Diplomacy, the GM could increase the DC base to 15 or 20… (DC 5+5*level base…)  or something else.  Open Test with every 10 points granting 1 power point.

The other side of this is the character has Duties to this Entity as well. The duties are simple – spread my seed…  So the GM may be kind and for every ‘victim’ seeded, grant a bonus to the check or flat points or something.

Shapeshift, plus Variants, only for human form. Can change gender. 9cp base. Corrupted for medium size only and human form only and each change costs a use. This is effectively three corruptions – Reduce to 4cp.

Bonus Uses: Shapeshift, Charisma based. 6cp.

Immunity – pregnancy – 3cp. The character does not generate his own seed and cannot become pregnant. The “seed” is tainted demonic seed. He shifts into a female to seduce a male, stores the seed and corrupts it and then shifts into a male to impregnate a female. This is his duty.

Augmented Bonus: Charm Person, +4 save DC. 12cp


Total of 37cp

Build total: 72cp – Spot On.

Yeah I know, cheesy 🙂

Advancement Ideas

Potentially improving resistances to mind reading / cloaking / traceless and the like…

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