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Emergence – Mutants & Masterminds Campaign – Session One

This is also a review of the system so far. Ok, its a heroes system – super heroes and we are playing using 2nd edition rules for which we have the core book. Currently only using the core book (even though other source material is available)

I found a nifty Excel sheet and MnM Character Builder.


All in all system looks good. Pluses on it are that its a d20 system and only uses a d20. No damage dice, no damage rolling.

Basics are Attack vs Defense. If hit, target makes a save to negate or lower effect. Damage is “conditions” – Bruised, unconscious etc.

Minuses – lots of tables. Several tables need to be ‘looked to’ to see the effects of a power or combat results (which after Session One we had not had a single combat)

Session Comments

World Intro: We playing in the real world, about one month from today. Everything in the world is as it currently is (IE Superheroes don’t exist). Hence the campaign name – the entire campaign is about new supers breaking out.

Character Intros:

We have the ancient Dragoon Knight – an immortal. His powers are similar to a paragon, but also has a power suit. Super Strength, flight, regeneration etc. He is also extremely wealth (hell over a few centuries you are bound to score some loot hey).

We have the Professor Windsor – a “shining example of academic excellence” – having gotten his doctorate and what not in his mid twenties. Child genius. They have nothing on this guy. He founded his one pharmaceutical corporation and “tested” some things on himself, rendering him some super powers (tentacles {yes there is a hentai joke going around the table}, Super Senses} but most of his “power” is in his ability scores. All are high save for Charisma I believe.

That’s it. Yes only two player characters – and they don’t know of each others powers

Session Blog

Friday 11th May.

News flashes on the screen with the announcement and naming of the serial killer, “The Needler” – who is targeting drug addicts and pushers.

Heroes get involved immediate and Knight contacts his ‘police’ contact and Professor ‘offers his services’. Both examine the body of the latest victim – the daughter of an ex-priminister! and the 6 inch surgical needles covering her upper torso and arms. 100 of them, perfectly spaced. The victim died of both the needles and extremely high toxin levels of cocaine and heroin – too concentrated to be ‘available’ on the street.

Needles of the other victim’s had dissolved and these ones are too, but slowly.

The two ‘heroes’ separate and do their own thing, with Knight leaping about the city in the darkness, and Professor returning to his own lab for more research.

Other news/info leads Knight following the case of a retired Captain who’s daughter overdosed on cocaine a few weeks prior to the first ‘Needler Victim’ and that led him to a house – his hacker friend, Alpha, could not trace details on the house and went into hiding after a nasty virus came after her machines.

The Captain was protecting a witness when he was shot and forced into retirement. That witness, Alison Monroe was followed to the house above after she bought drugs off of a dealer.

The house is owned by a Professor Andrew Roman who one a noble prize seven years ago for his agricultural research – created a strain of corn that could withstand even the harshest of climates and still have a decent yield.

Other Other news: Pharmacy in a quiet suburb attacked by a drug addict. He escaped. Knight saw Alison buy drugs in this area.

Knight also, unwillingly, saved a couple from a major car accident. He was caught on camera with stills and video and the media went wild with stories of “Super Knight” {Other images showed up that were real too – ones from when he rescued his policeman contact….}


Session two is happening tomorrow night (then will be a break due to birthdays and trips up country for about two weeks. yes only two sessions will be missed. we should be back then) – Aiming for session two to have one combat (at least),

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