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Fearmonger – d20 Class Build

The barbarian suddenly cowered as if a lifetime of horridness was thrust upon him and he turned and fled. The dust settled and a petite form of a dark haired girl appeared. A girl, hardly even a woman, overcame one of the most fearsome of the orkish hordes.

The adventuring party woke up at the sound of the orks screams, and the chattering of terrified goblins. They simply stared at her as she smiled at them…

This is a character build for a fearsome little girl (did I use that word before). To keep things “above the table” so to speak, I will suggest that she is only small for her size and is actually a teenager or adult (sixteen years or older even)

Getting Started

48 Character Points. Plus 6 for first level feat, and 6 for human bonus – traditionally necromancers have been human, and although this is not an undead specialist it still fits better. “Disadvantages” grant another 6cp (-1 strength due to been small.)

Total 66cp and 4 skill points at level 1

The Basics

Hit Dice: d4. This is a mage build. 0cp

Warcraft: 0. Again a mage build.

Saves: Will +2. 6cp

Skills: 8cp – to replicate a basic of 2 skill points per level.

Proficiencies: Simple Weapons and Light Armour and Smooth (no spell failure in light armour). 15cp

Total 29cp

Magic and Specials

Sorcerer Progressions. 16cp. Components, Studies (Spontaneous). This is further corrupted and specialised to an extremely limited set of spells from both arcane and divine (wizard/cleric) base spell list. These are spells are Necromancy and Illusion Spells, provided they do not deal direct damage (hp or ability damage) or focus on undead or summoning.

Effects of the specialisation is that the character automatically knows all spells of a given level within these two schools. Other spells can be added by learning them, but must be justified in a way that they can be used to cause terror. Examples including Hold Portal to lock someone in a room, baleful polymorph and teleport etc.

Thus, at Level one she may know:

  • 0th Level
    • Ghost Sound
    • Touch of Fatigue
  • 1st Level
    • Silent Image
    • Ventriloquism
    • Disguise Self
    • Colour Spray
    • Minor Image
    • Cause Fear
    • Bane
    • Doom
    • Remove Fear

The character can also cast more spells, 50% more (corruption – blocked from any direct damage or summoning spells) than a normal Sorcerer of her level. So she can cast 7 0th level spells and 4 1st level spells (excluding bonuses from Charisma).

Feat: Easy Meta Magic, corrupted for Material components/focuses only and corrupted (again) only for Necromancy and Illusion spells (remember she can learn others). Corruption for effect, no extra level cost. Essentially this means she doesnt every worry about material components or focuses, regardless of cost, but only for Necro and Illusion spells that she automatically gains (most have very little material costs anyway). 6cp

Augmented Bonus: +2 to Save DC for her Necromancy and Illusion spells. 12cp.

Total: 34cp

Class Total: 63 character points. Leaving 3 character points perhaps for another spell or skills or to upgrade the Human Fast Learner ability.

So, what you think? Source or inspiration was a further specialised Dread Necromancer…

Advancement Ideas

Well spell casting. Duh.

Augmented Bonus around level 3 or 6 to push the DC up to +4.

Potentially adding Spell Pool (always useful. Thought of making a psi version but not many fear based psionic powers)

Meta Magic Theorems – Range, Duration…

That it for me.

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