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Mage – Assassin -d20 Eclipse

necromancer_by_jesterry-d4de840No, not a killer of mages

What I am thinking of is the quintessential mage-assassin…. or in other words, an assassin that uses magic to enhance his or her abilities and to eradicate the enemy.

So, what does a mage-assassin need to do his job?

Bulleted list of ideas:

  • Magic – wizard like progression, studies, has a spell book. Idea here is so that he can prepare what spells he may need for a specific job. This of course means high intelligence which is fine (more skills, etc.)
  • Lots of Skills (most thief like skills, social skills, possibly disguises as well)
  • Trap Finding (if not free. Can be bought later as DC’s for finding magic traps are high)
  • Death Blow (Trick) – typically studies target for 3 rounds or more and next attack does something special – save or die, save or paralysed etc. etc.
  • Acrobatics perhaps – run on walls etc. would be good too but a lot of this can be replaced by magic
  • Traceless – Traceless Magic perhaps Traceless Death too (the later been very expensive). Traceless magic means no magic residue is left behind. 
  • Cloaking – change his appearance for divination spells/scrying and the like
  • Also thinking he may have Enthusiast where he has floating CP that can be changed within a few days or hours – combined with disguise and/or guises he can take on roles to get close to his target – this may be better for a different build however

Well I think that is enough to go on…

Basic Level One Build – 54 CP (not including racial bonuses)

d6 hit dice (2)

no BAB (0)

Will Save +2 Ref +2 Fort +2 (18) – might cut this down

Proficiencies – simple weapons, light armour, martial weapons (13cp). Smooth on light armour +6cp

Magic Progression: 14cp – mage as magic

Rest might go into skills at level one

Total 53cp  Wow not much for skills anyway.  As said, saves will get cut.  Most likely high ref and will only. Smooth on armour can wait for later. Martial weapons can be condensed into rogue weapons (saving a few CP).  Magic could be corrupted as well or an additional limitation (no direct damage spells (hp damage)) for instance.

Sorry for shortness – this was just on the fly so to speak.

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