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Character Build – Death Poet

necromancer_by_jesterry-d4de840 The Death Poet relishes the act of dying – it is an event, an adventure and incredible experience – one best borne by others. The Death Poet watches life end, waits for the lights to leave the eyes and all the while, he reads the poem – the verses composed solely for the victim of death.

He is the bringer of the end. An assassin who is never seen nor heard. Silent, invisible yet may be right in front of you. He may not even be a him, for many are women and many more are both or neither.

I am Cord, Your Death Poem awaits!

The Eclipse Build

I did this one differently, I played with the numbers and wrote out the concept before creating the character. So have added it here in hindsight if you will.

Getting Started

Human. 48 Character Points (cp) plus 6 for level 1 feat and 6 for been human. Thats a total of 60cp. Also has 10 points disadvantages (hunted, valued, and another or choose three of choice)

The Basics

Hit Dice: d6 – 2cp

Warcraft: 0 (half) 3cp

Saves: Will +2 – 6cp

Skills: Fast Learner Upgrade(Human) -3cp, Fast Learner Specialised for Skills – 6cp, and 16cp for skills.  This gives 8sp (human) +2sp (fast learner) + 16 or a total of 22sp at level one.  Plus 4 x Intelligence.

Proficiencies: Light Armour- 3cp. Simple Weapons – 3cp.



Magic Progressions – Bard and bard spell list. Intelligence based, Studies (book magic), Components. 8cp

Cloaking – Magical Auras detect as non magical auras.  6cp

Traceless – Magical Residue. 6cp


Grand Total of 62cp.  With the disadvantages that leaves around 8cp free to use on anything from skills, special feats to additional spells.



Pretty straight forward. At level 2 and 3 get Compact and Triggering. Alternatively get triggering and stream line for it.

Level 4 or 5 we look at getting Trick (paralysis) to paralyze his victim before reading the poem.

Any suggestions or thoughts?

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