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Grey Hawk – Ymber Rose – Session 003

thief_by_angua33-d49pw0pDay 4 – Early Morning

Early Morning, and the wind is chill. Perhaps by the demon-gate itself who knows – I don’t care much either as long as ‘it’ doesnt bother me.  the others, Nym and his cohorts, left to do something – perhaps to do with the Mayor? Hmm hopefully nothing stupid.

I have been here almost a whole week or more now, need to take action – need gold, better gear some magic too.  Potions, perhaps a wand?

Learnt the name of the white-clad man – the Assassin – Sithe. Appropriate I think as he is merciless in his killings. I feel I should not trust him or get too close – yet he intrigues me.

Aramel used to be a fence – but old guild dismembered itself lol… disembursed.. dispursed… dispersed…  Yeah thats it, dispersed.  Nym is a new guy, strange, hard to read him. Aramel doesnt know much about him either and so far, Aramel is the only person I trust in this infested city.

Nym wants me to do some test – to prove my worth as a thief.  Pfff.  Please.  I could hit any house in this city, other than the mages or churches I suppose.

Night 4

Sithe and Aramel.  Something up between them, an argument? Geesh if Aramel short changed Sithe he would be as good as dead.  Don’t thing the assassin would care who he kills.   

Aramel was worried too about some messages he kept getting.  Something is definitely up I think.

Aramel came to me a bit later with a ‘job’ thought it was the test but he just called it a job. Great – maybe I will get paid!  Never discussed it though.  Job was to steal a Gold Ship, gems all about it from House Kelmarn – a noble house.  One of the houses I cased earlier =- 2 guards and 2 on patrol on the inside.  Easy enough to get passed them

Whiskers the rat is acting odd, more like a normal rat. Scared of me.  Oh well, the thought of someone or something spying on me with the rat is a bit unsettling.


The Job

Hit the house.  Jumped the wall with easy and whispered my way down the side of the house and up the walls. THe lower windows were like port-windows on a ship, couldnt be opened.  Top level was almost the same. I climbed to the roof and tip toed across to the edge near the back. Bulconies.  What would make it easy to get into the rooms.

Looked about and saw Sithe and another like him, far apart but both seemed either looking at me or each other. Hard to tell. Damn unnerving. What if one was after me? What if Sithe was after me? I left Moorhead because of a bounty – heard father had a price on my head, alive at least, but still – some hunters wouldnt care.

With Bruno here, and dead, I am almost sure someone else will show up.

Concentrate Ymber. Concentrate.

I found the master bedroom and almost alerted the lords of the house. Vanished around a corner before anyone noticed.

A while later I had almost searched the entire top floor when I heard a loud creak from the floorboard I was walking across – the guards were coming. I ducked back into the seamstress room and hid under a big dress, holding tightly to the central pole as men came in to look.

Damn, almost fell there when he kicked at the bottom of the dress. By some miracle he left, and then whispered “Whiskers said bottom floor”

I smiled.  How the? Maybe the one named Markus? Peter had said something about Markus missing Whiskers.

Oh well, I left a coin and went down to the bottom by way of banister and stair. Made a loud enough crunching sound as I dropped behind the final stair case – alerting the two guards posted down there.

Something was happening out side – shouts came through “They are fighting”

The two guards rushed out the front door, giving me time to explore this marble-gallery all the doors concealed but tell tale signs led me right to my prize.

Almost got caught by another guard! He walked right through a door! Maybe he was a ghost? Bah.  Don’t be stupid – the door, it was an illusion.

The price, its here, in the bottle, floating. Ok those claws, maybe I can, creak, crack, smash, Woooosh!

Fuck…. I heard people moving all about the house, doors swung open. I grabbed the floating ship and ran, leaping the outter wall and vanishing into the night. When I was certain I was clear I returned to the Flagon, and spent a few moments, an hour, maybe two refreshing myself before coming down stairs and placing the ship behind the bar-counter.

Aramel, Nym and another was there. Also there was Sithe, not in his clothing though, looking once again a little worse for wear.

The other man was Luscious.

This job was the test…  bah.  I wanted gold.  If this gang doesnt get sorted out any time soon I may have to find another city. Or befriend a jeweller or something.

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