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Eclipse d20 – RPG Character Creation and Concepts

Have a though for a Planar Mage Assasin.  Someone dedicated to the removal of outsiders…


So, what would one of these guys or girls need?

Firstly you need someone to see and then possibly by pass defences, damage reduction and the like.

That one is easy – first take Occult Sense (probably 6cp worth) limit it to 3/day and treat it like Detect Magic require a Knowledge Planes instead of Spell Craft roll.  alternatively just grant the user a +10 to Knowledge Planes when using the sense.

Step two here would be to either take immunities to those defenses. Or have a spell progression and magic list – all spells geared to wards different elements (psionics works well here) or just pure energy (like magic missiles). Perhaps on this route one can take Immunity – Spell Resistance. But that would be a 9 or perhaps a 12cp cost. Could corrupt that to only be active while using Occult Sense.


Secondly. Now you need to be able to damage this bastards.  They are tough, so you probably will have a decent attack bonus. two options, go either Melee or Ranged. Choose one, specialise in it, but have good abilitiy in the other as a back up. Add in Augmented Attack vs Outsiders. And possibly take Foe Hunter/Favored Foe (Outsider, Evil).  and build that one up.


Thirdly. You can fight them. But they can hit you back. You need some defences. Spell Resistance yourself will be good, corrupted vs Outsiders and undead? or perhaps not at all. Also Damage Reduction. If you are a ranged specialist, grab yourself Inherrrent Spell (Protection from Evil).  That will stop any summoned ones and their mind spells affecting you at least.

Overall you end up with a Rogue type character with spell casting and a decent to hit bonus.  You could drop the spell casting all together and take Spirit Weapon and load it up with all the elemets over time and take Imbuement as well so that you can eventually go, Long Sword – Bane  – Outsiders – Sonic Burst… etc  

Any other thoughts here?  



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