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Building the Battle Sage

I decided to embark on a new character for an upcoming game, I called him a Battle Sage.  The synopsis or concept is that of a warrior with a taste for all things history.  Well primarily he is focussed on travelling the kingdom in search of old battle grounds in the hope to learn more from the departed warriors and also to by chance uncover an ancient relic to return to the Society of Battles – a group dedicated to returning such relics to their rightful owners.

So Options – lots of them here, but here is a basic idea of the Eclipse build (if you don’t know what that is, then you are missing out – Eclipse is a point buy d20 character “class” creator – visit the site/link for more info)


Basic ability ideas

Been able to call weapons and armour

This is quite easy – can take either Inherrent Spell (6cp) or take a progression in some Psionic class and take the powers of Call Weaponry and CAll Armour.  Going the later, one could add Easy (for quickening) and Glory (so you can use Easy a few times per day without increasing the levels)


Option 2 here is to take Spirit Weapon (kind of like the Mind Blade from the Soulknife. ) and possibly a similar ability Spirit Armour (doesnt actually exist in the Eclipse book)


Second thing on the wish list

Been able to enhance the weapons and armour with spell effects

this can be easily done (and cheaper if using spirit weapon) – take the ability Imbuement – this is also like the Soul Knife ability to enhance the weapons as well as some other classes.

Imbuement (6cp) is weapon type specific.  so you need to choose things like blades, unarmed strikes etc and some DM’s will say you need to choose specific weapons like long sword, battle axe etc.  With Spirit Weapon (costs 6cp for melee, or 9cp for ranged – which I think includes the melee version too)  you can have multile types of weapons/damage eventually and use the same Imbuement ability

Option Two here, is to make a custom Innat Enchantment that allows one to cast spells via / through normal attacks – those spells most likely will be required to be quickened (through the Easy/Glory method above) and you need a spell list too (works well with the Psionic build idea).

This costs around 6cp – 3cp for the enchantment (specialised coz its only worht around 2000gp not 5000gp) and 3cp for an immunity to the XP cost


So, basics is:

Option 1 – more expensive, no spell casting (uses +’s on imbuement for spell effects like keen etc)

Option 2- maybe less expensive, includes spell casting.  will have to buy more uses of Glory or take Stream Line effects….


Choices Choices 🙂







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