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The Warlock – an Eclipse Build – d20 RPG

You can get Eclipse here.

I have a Warlock as the bad guy in the current game. A disciple of a dark-liche known only as the Burning Skull.


Originally I just pulled the Warlock build off DND Wiki, and realised it was not the right one so modified it with the normal one. Decided, its Friday, so why not put it into Eclipse.


Ok the basic abilities:

d8 hp

+1 / 2 BAB bonus

High Will and Ref Saves

Simple Weapons, Light Armor



Warlocks main ability is the Eldricht Blast. this is a 1d6 range touch attack out to 60 ft.

My thoughts, its Equivellent to a 1st level Spell – so we take Inherrent Spell on that on. Simply specialise or corrupt it so that its a 4 x per day instead of 2 x per day (and another 1st level spell)

Upgrade that to make it Supernatural

Problem here is it supposed to be unlimited…  no real ‘easy’ way to do that though.  One option is to specialise the whole thing to require Mana to use o r Power points to use. Alternatively you could take Power Words and store it in your CON.  A bigger, possibly expensive option is to use Shaping from Dragon Path and take Pulse of the Dragon allowing you to absorb energy from environment and Heart of the Dragon upgraded to level 1 spells.

Option 2 is to take a progression in Psion and specialise that for Energy Ray only.  that can be done quite easily, so you eventually end up with hundreds of Power Points to burn.  Eventually this will make him quite tough too!  instant kill 10d6 range touch fire attack?  


My bad guy also has a Call Extraplanar Fiend….   This is Supernatural and the beasts cannot be dispelled and are not affected by prot evil circles (they are not summoned in the normal sense of the word).  This is another inherrent spell (probably a level 5 or 6 ability) and can ‘call’ different types of creatures based on the Total CR of those called.


The version on DND Wiki has Domains or Spheres.  These are simply Paths with Specialised Slots that can each be used 1/day.  Can easily tie this in with the Psion Progression or alternatively, with Dragon Path (requiring you to call up the energies and store them prior to use) – all of these involve undead and fire.


Added abilitites – Damage Reduction, Spell Resistance and Energy Resistance as well as Fast Healing (limited so that he must be on half health before it kicks in and it can only heal him up to half health – but he does heal 10 points a round).


In addition, been level 10, he has excellent saves as well as wealth and magical goodies.  He also has Use Magic Device, and scrolls and wands with a multitude of utility spells – just in case.


So, how would you build the Warlock?



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