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Jinxie Swift and Worm – A Fragged Empire 2 Character Journal

Background Notes

Meeting Worm

Jinxie met Worm on a salvage mission about a year ago. A pile of sludge was forced out of the airlock and covered her . That very night she heard a voice and started chatting to it.

Worm is a fun loving little critter that mocks enemies and sometimes other characters. That is until Jinxie gets injured. Then he is full of encouragement and starts threatening enemies.


Jinxie Swift is part of a large family. She has 12 immediate siblings of different ages etc that still are alive as far as she knows.

Both parents and her great grandmother are alive and her great grandmother (Ma’Mama) is the head of the house.

Her grandparents are all dead – she hasn’t enquired as to the how. 

She also has several nieces and nephews too and 30+ something cousins.

As yet Jinxie has not even thought of starting her own family and sees the crew as such and Worm as her best friend/child.


Jinxie loves taking apart things and finding treasures, cracking puzzles etc. Like Worm she gets bored easily and is always looking for something to do. 

She often takes unnecessary risks just for the thrill of it but can be extremely focused when her family i.e. crew is in danger.


Jinxie’s natural talents, like most Kaltoran, are around Awareness and Stealth which she too excels at. Jinxie learnt a bunch of different skills like Mechanics to cut through hulls and build things, and then Medicine and Persuasion after she met Worm.  Jinxie prefers small arms over other heavier weapons, mainly due to her small frame and muscles.


Little Freezer. Pistol, Frost Burn.  Little Freezer was kind of an accidental creation when Worm and Jinxie were trapped in an overheating engine room. Working quickly, Jinxie jury-rigged some cooling hoses into a pistol grip to spray over them – which hurt! But nowhere near what could have happened.

After a few further tweaks she managed to turn it into a reliable sidearm.

Crew relations and thoughts

Jinxie sees her Crew as Family.

Captain Arminius – a sort of largeish Nephelium. Apparently engineered to engage with the Legion after the great war. He is a good man, treats us well and doesn’t bark out orders – most of the time it’s friendly. Until the shit hits the fan, then he is all about survival of the Crew and the Ship.

Noka A_1312 – One of the Palantors we accidentally came across. His brain was stored in a drone ship (the drones that we now have retrofitted to our ship – False Advertising.) He is our gunner. And really good at it too. I believe in their “network” he said he was a player – video games or something. Not sure what a video game is actually but hey if it made him a better fighter then that’s great.

Roger Body – Our resident Corp and Janitor. Calling him a Janitor feels wrong. He just joined us when we needed some more hands for a cargo run and then stuck around. He keeps the place clean, sometimes even cooks food. He also has this really interesting gun I’d love to spend some time studying. Has something to do with the leylines I believe but not sure.

Hiro_0067 – Our other Palantor. Seems to have built his body out of spare parts mostly. I don’t really know much about him yet.

False Advertising – Our ship. Most see it as this hunk of junk but I see it as home. She keeps us cool (I prefer cool) and safe. We retrofitted the Palantor Drones for some defence capabilities and over time tacked on some old static billboards to the side for some extra armour.


She uses cover a lot. However, for the first few rounds, Worm will likely give away her position and Mock all enemies. Usually the closest ones first or those perceived to be stronger.

If/when Jinxie is injured (even Endurance), Worm will then encourage Jinxie and offer guidance while angrily threatening enemies (game mechanic: without the Mock attack)

Session Journals

Session 1

We got a job. Well not really a job per se, more like a rumour of a valuable resource. Turns out someone on Eden wanted Thud Cows – yes, those 3 legged beasts that go boom if startled. Heck, they can go boom if looked at funny.

Now why the heck would Eden want Thud Cows? Are they trying to cross engineer some “bombs”? Ie explosive Nephilim.

We know where to get them – Varsphere! The home of the Corp. Well before they became The Corp.

We gathered a bunch of water pumps and the like to trade.

We found a bunch of potential ranches – Black Marsh (Dangerous but cheap), Coin Mountain (expensive and safe. Known for their Honesty, and the Moving Plains – don’t trade in Corp Credit, prefer bartering.

We split up to make deals at Coin Mountain (Captain and Roger) and the rest of us rented some robot horses and went out to Moving Plains. Got ourselves lost but arrived in time to act as “backup” for Captain and Roger as the Ranches at Moving Plains had attacked them.

The battle ended in a truce with a few wounds on all sides. Worm had some colourful words to say.

Session 2

After healing the crew and helping some of the Ranch folk we had struck a truce and deal to clear out some distant caves.

Took us some time and we finally found the cave that had been filled with sand. Worm was courageous enough to explore and go through some of the tighter passageways and we discovered a bunch of old rusty bots belonging to Truesky Holdings.

I crept through and woke some of them up, and took a few shots before the rest of the crew dug their way in and helped win the battle.

We cleared out the remaining bots and traded most of them back to the ranchers at Moving Plains.

Session 3

Left Varsphere for the 1 month trip back to Haven, Captain decided to take a longer route and save on the jump gate fees. We had not gone very far when Noka thought it was a good time to open that samples box we had acquired from Coin Mountain in our trade talks. For some reason this thing had a timer delay lock on it – and turned out that neither Captain nor Roger actually saw what was put in it.

Can you say surprise? There was a young girl child. Vergarti.

My thoughts were to keep her. Captain thought it was best to contact Varsphere. Of course, the red-suited fat pig and Coin Mountain accused us of kidnapping his daughter.

Well, we didn’t and turns out we stumbled on a mess. We had made a deal that they paid us for time and fuel to come back and as it happened, it turned to shit.

One of the father’s daughters shot him. Not dead. But still shot him. Gunfight between us, half the family led by the mother and some other bandit hirelings. We managed to rescue the mother and some of the rest of them and had to leave Varsphere in a hurry – even after I pulled off an incredible bunny hop manoeuvre with the ship to position it between the attacking groups and put a pause on the fighting while we got the folk onto our ship.

Got off-world and paid for them to be taken to Eden and Captain’s little plot of land in some foul swamp. I have memories of this place being lush and green and the oceans teeming with life and our cities before the Nephilim smashed a moon into it. I grow nauseous every time I come here.

We had to keep the ship hot for those damn cows. Worm hated the heat, so did I. And he, in his small little mind, decided to sabotage the new temperature regulators we acquired. Roger discovered the issue and pointed it out to me so I could deal with Worm. He said he won’t mention it to the captain. I hope he doesn’t. If Captain wants Worm off the ship, I’d have to leave too… And that terrifies me.

We finally made it back to Eden and sold off the cows for some much-needed cash and supplies. While Captain and the others got the family settled into the “farm”, I went to deal with some local Nephilim in search of work. And found work was available.

We decided on an Archon Terraforming Facility at a distant(ish) planet. The Neph here needed something to help them reclaim the land from the swamp, and this was going to be a good deal if we pulled it off.

Session 4

So the crew of the False Advertising cargo ship acquired a job to retrieve teraforming data from an old Arcon facility.

We were given data to trade with an “untrustworthy” informant of one of Khadeshs Moons.

2 day jump and half way we got hit with a primitive Interdiction device that pulled us out of the jump stream.

Pirates. Some kind of energised field between asteroids and a single small gunship.

We did what we did best. We positioned ourselves away from the field, hard turned to dodge a critical shot, rebooted our shields only to Divert power into the Jump Drive. With sparks flying snd an engine screaming at me, we slipped into the Jump Stream and emerged safely, with a few extra scratches, at Khadesh.

The Kaltoran “Sarah” met with us in a bar. She was excessively nervous. Hiro wanted to make sure she gave us good data but she wasn’t sharing anything so I handed over the drives to her and melted their amber casing the neph had put on.

Corp genome and financial data. Not sure as to they why though and didn’t ask.

We got the location of the Arcon site. And as it would be, it’s on Khadesh. Or more precisely at the bottom of Khadesh the great Ocean world I havnt seen for a few months. I made a note to check in with the family.

On khadesh we managed to get a lift closer to a dig site (where they were building another settlement) and convinced the folk we were there to see My cousin Rachael. They doubted it but didn’t question it either.

We then convinced a small work crew that we were investigating rumours of Meconids at the point where we needed to go.

Reluctantly they agreed for us to travel there provided we took one of the Kaltoran workers with us.

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