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The Demon Within

“What the fuck is it?!!!” the Kaltoran drazers screamed as a blacked arm stretched out from the shadows and ripped one of their faces off.

Bang Bang Bang…. shots ran out across the darkened alley of some urban slum on Mispatcha, a planet in the Haven System.

Screams… running footsteps… “No .. no.. please Noooo”

squelch, snap, silence

From the shadows, a young Corp girl emerged. No more than 15 rotations. Her right arm dragged across the ground as a bleeding green eye looks up at her from where a hand should be, instead, there is a large maw at least a meter in length, dripping with blood.

“Why?” she asks in a terrified voice.
“Because I must feed.” It replied before her arm slowly returned to normal.


The unfortunate victim of a mad scientist experimenting with Nephilim Genes. This scientist in question was actually her father trying to save her life after a botched assassination failed to kill him (but got his wife and son instead and left his daughter on the verge of death)

When the beast awoke it fled, killing many along the way. She has mixed memories and struggles to remember things about her father (the beast does not want her too).

Concept Build

Species: Corp

Attributes: Strength (3), Reflexes (4), Mobility (4), Focus (2), Intelligence (2), Grit (3)

Primary Skills: Physical, Awareness, Leadership, Resolve, Stealth, (any other)

Weapon Skills: Exotic, Tactical

Ship Skills: Any

Trait: Something around hunger.

Complication: Unwanted Memories


  • Assistant – Melee Brute, Veteran (Melee), Accessible (Natural), Long, Heavy (Must be drawn before use)


  • Durable Clothing – Carapace/Skill.

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