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A medieval scientist

This is a basic concept idea I’ve had floating around my head for a fantasy rpg character in games like Dungeons and Dragons or Fragged Kingdom

Sarina Morne is a bright and curious young woman. With dark brown hair that has an ever slightest tinge of red pulled back in a high pony tail and cut short to fall just below her shoulders. Her skin is fairly pale with fine freckes dotting her face, neck and shoulders. Her eyes a piercing green and wide with curious excitement.

She wears a generally common shirt and trousers (something perhaps not so common for women in the world) that are very clean and tidy, with comfortable boots in black leather. Across her font a greying apron stained in reds and browns.

A keen observer will see not only the obvious knife on her hip but that the buckles on her boots are actually just decoration and they hide the short and slender blades of what appears to be broken stilettos, and the extra obvious pouches on her other hip.

Sarina is a wizard you see, but her talents lie in alchemy and what she calls science. Not the mumbo jumbo of court tricksters and jesters.

When in battle, she almost takes glee as she wears her opponents down studying every little aspect of their demise, and often using stunning or sleep type potions so that she can quietly slit their throats and count how long it takes before the life spark vanishes from their eyes…

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