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D&D 3.5 d20 Time Waste

My Headache and Waste of time of Making a D&D 3.5 Character after experiencing Eclipse

archerinredWell, now I love gaming, and d&d is no exception. One group I allow eclipse, another group we dont. So, I have the problem of 100+ supplemental books and combing through tons of feats just to find a feat you want. I must have spent around 3 hours or more today, and thats just looking for two feats.  In addition you end up taking a feat that you didnt think of for your character just coz its a min/max power build feat. really really annoying.

Frankly I dont really see the point now. After playing Eclipse and building the class and character I want it is really really hard to build non eclipse characters. At least with my stint in 4E I stuck as much as possible to the core book, took one or two powers from another book but hey, I had a theme there and taking powers to fit a theme in 4E is very easy.

Taking feats in 3.5 / d20 is a bitch to put it lightly. The ability you want, the feat you want, and you find that it requires x other feats and the other feats are just not useful or not even applicable to your theme. Like discover power attack cant be used for light weapons – but yet you can use it with unarmed strikes or natural strikes, I mean like WTF?

Yes I am bitching and I will continue to do so. If this character dies I will make an Eclipse character. And stick to a theme!

Oh well. Thats it.

Enough griping from me.

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