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Eclipse Style Warlock–d20 Character Profile

Beric_the_Wizard_by_MatesLaurentiuGreygin the Render. A Warlock styled assassin connected to an evil, hellish entity

The Warlock class has come up again, and I have two players playing one in two different games (neither of which I DM at the moment). So I began to take a look at stuff from Eclipse point of view – You can see the ‘official’ warlock build by Thoth here.

Greygin is a monster. Plain and simple. His wife was dying from some disease and he sold his soul to a ‘benevolant’ spirit in turn for saving his wife’s life. The spirit did so, but death took her a week later and he had nothing left to trade. The spirit made him do things, but rewarded him, small bits at a time, until he was fully entrenched as the beings henchman. Now he must do evil to keep his powers.

Getting Started

48 CP + 6 for Level 1 Feat + 6 for Human feat + 10 for Disadvantages + 2 for duties

At level 1, that’s a total of 72cp


The Basics (30cp)

Hit Dice: d8 – 4cp – Greygin is used to been in battle

Saves: Will +2 – 6cp

BAB: 0cp at this stage

Skill Points: 20cp Many will be rogue like skills and social skills.


Proficiencies (6cp)

Light Armour – 3cp

Simple Weapons – 3cp


Disadvantages and Duties

Duty – 2cp per level – must kill an innocent a week. Must kill at least 1 per level per week. Failing to meet quota means been blocked the following week of his powers. (spirit weapon) Failing 3 weeks in a row means complete blocking of the power. The character must Atone (see the atonement spell) or find another means of power.

Add 3 disadvantages. Hunted, Accursed, Healing Resistant all sound good.


Specials (36cp)

Now instead of using or taking a magic route, I thought about building this from the Spirit Weapon angle.

Spirit Weapon – 9cp for ranged. Corrupted that to 6cp, as this attack has a range only of 30ft (so I can use Augment attack)

Effectively as a javelin (simple spear weapon) 1d6 x 2 critical on a 20. We will make this Fire, lethal damage that is Magical Energy in nature.

We Upgrade this twice: Touch Attack (6cp) enabling one attack to be a touch attack, and also Exotic Appearance (+3cp) to make it look like a blast of hellish fire instead of a javelin.

– So that is 15cp


For our thief/assassin side of things I think Tracking and Trap Finding

Track – 3cp, Urban using Gather Information.

Upgraded with Identification (+3cp) not sure if necessary for urban tracking?  but perhaps as a fail safe so you don’t go digging in the wrong hole when looking for a quarry.

Trap Finding – 6cp – not sure actually how much it is worth and the rogue conversion doesn’t mention it at all. This would only be required if there are d20 rogues in the party.

– That’s another 12cp


Upgrading the Eldricht Blast (Spirit Weapon)

Augment Attack, taken for Edlricht Blast. +1d6 damage. 9cp cost each time. This is doable.

One can also use the upgrades on Augment Attack to add things similar to the Invocations a Warlock gets. Silencing Attack, Bleeding Attack are all good.

– That’s another 9cp. Remember we can have 12cp of powers per level (level 0 and level 1 makes that 24cp) plus another 10cp for disadvantages and 2 for Duties (totalling 36cp worth of specials at this level) which is exactly where we end up!


Well this is quite good.  So at level 1 we probably not as good as a level 1 Warlock, but this is sort of a rogue/warlock variant. Trading off Invocations at this level for trap finding and tracking.

All in all I like this.



Level 2 (24cp +2cp)

Just remember forgot the 1cp for fast learner for been humans. That’s another 4cp at level 1 for something else. Possible Precise Shot seeing you are a ranged attacker mostly.


Level 2 upgrades.

BAB 6cp

save 3cp

hit dice, d8, 4cp

skill points: 7cp – the idea is to buy a lot at level 1 and max important skills

20cp leaving 6cp


I would buy an augment attack upgrade for +6cp.

First one would be silence. Greygin’s quarries will be getting tougher and you don’t want one screaming its head off.


Level 3

26+6cp for feat = 32

Same costs above for the basics, leave 12cp

Addition +1d6 Augment attack (9cp)

leaves only 3cp. Probably buy an additional +1 save then or more skill points.


Level 4

26cp (+ Improved Self Development – plugged into Dex to improve attack rolls. Also just remembered, that you will be adding strength to damage rolls as your weapon is ‘thrown’)

20cp basics

6cp free

Might want to take Finesse (Dex to thrown weapon damage, corrupted for Spirit Weapon only) 4cp

2cp can be plugged into skills

Alternative take another Augment Upgrade – Bleeding attack, Dex damage or speed reduction.


This is the basic chain you follow…  To me, could be a good alternative to a Warlock and equally as evil…  Trying this as a good character one would just change the Duty. Or drop it all together.

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