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Emergence – S001 – Debbie Wilson

Debbie Loves Her Bike - 2


This is the first journal entry of Debbie Wilson, my first Mutants & Masterminds Character. We are playing in a emerging world after my stint as GM for a bit. New characters / new heroes are only power level one. Two players and one GM, other player character is Alex. Session one was good fun! Really humorous how the two of us just managed to defeat 3 FBI Agents – purely by luck of the dice.

June 7th 2012

Working again tonight. I just don’t see a light at the end of the tunnel. Just to live is hard, but to study – it’s getting harder. And another six or more years of this at least if I want to get my Law Degree. Sigh.

Hey, at least the club – 7 Sins – is hosting a pool tourney again – it’s been months since the last one, and yeah, Alex is playing. He is so ‘cool’ under pressure that one, and his talent and skill is uncanny. I’ve seen him come from six balls down to win a match after losing the first two! Hustler – definitely. He might get himself beaten up one day.

The club was busy, very busy and crowded. Bouncers seemed bit “not there” – no I mean literally, I saw them at first and then they vanished. And Stacy? She took her break and disappeared just after I collected the “wagers” for the game. What? Yes I make money on the side, Billy’s fine with it.

Hmm. Something feels wrong.

Alex just arrived and the whole place seemed to get more tense. Those three at the table over there. They seem agro. 

“Ok bud – here’s your beer.”

“Oh what? Poor baby going to cry cause you didn’t get the light you wanted? Live with it…”

Damn stupid people. Alco’s all of them.

That guy’s wearing a suit? Maybe he is a scout or investor. What’s he doing now? Is that.. no fucking way? Is that a gun his pulling?


The building shakes and someone walks through the wall… by the fuck, that’s Anvil – he was on the news and You Tube with that Knight bloke – claiming that Super’s were out and real!  No way… I thought that was just….

Fuck, did he just throw that pool table… Bloody hell… That guy playing against Alex, he just grew “SKIN” – no ROCK !  What’s going…

Anvil grabs Rock and throws him, I screamed with my hands out closing my eyes and felt a “bump” or tremor, opened my eyes to see this rock guy ‘bounce’ off of some shield or forcefield… that I was projecting!  And his clothes, and bits of flesh were burning, like by an intense fire…

*SMASH* he went through the other wall!

Anvil yelled out for Dragoon, smashed another table catching the “suit” guy and pinning him to the wall… 

I tried 000, no signal. Fuck.. that’s way too many fucks for one night…

He grinned, Anvil, and started walking over towards the suit-guy who shot at him, not doing much at all – except maybe annoying him further.

I heard the Rock guy talking to someone on the phone as he tried to bash his way back through the wall.

I picked up a bottle and threw it at Anvil, smashing him on the head.

Alex threw something too, the bottle would have missed, but then it sort of bounced in mid air and redirected itself..  man.. what is going on?

Rock smashed his way through finally and walked through the bar counter to attack Anvil again.

Another bottle, this time as I let it go I could see the liquid boiling in side and *FLASH* it was on fire and so was Anvil…  my God, what is happening to me!

I heard a distant boom.. and in moments Dragoon Knight was here. He grabbed Anvil and in an instant was gone!

I went over to help the rock guy free the suit-guy. I touched the table, held it and watched as it started to burn from within. Felt the heat burning so deep within me, it was like nothing I had felt before. Soon the table was nothing but ash… and I was still holding the leg of it before it too crumbled.

We called an Ambo and soon the suit-guy was taken away and the cops arrived.

Questions were asked and answered. Knight, Walker..  Walker Reed was his “real” name also came back – in a suit and no armour, talking to the cops too – they seemed unsure of him.


What a night. I went to the office and took the till cash. The “pot” was gone. Someone took it in the confusion. Damn. I had 20 bucks on Alex to win…  ah Screw it. Need to find another Thursday night gig now.


In the office

Wow this stuff is new? What has Billy gotten himself into? Ah maybe a new investor

Oh well. The security footage showed the truth. And I made a copy on a flash drive just in case.

Called Billy and waited. Alex and I spoke briefly, both stunned and confused. Rock was quiet, took long to answer questions. Eventually said he was going back to Base.

Alex and I played a game of pool. I bet him 10 bucks! Lol And Won. Offered to drive him home if he waited.

Billy came in and was stunned, but distant too. Strange I thought. I left with Alex

He was nervous, on the back of my bike without a helmet. I drove slowly.

We had a drink at a nearby hotel bar, spoke a bit. Alex got a call. Decided to go test our powers a bit at a car park before I dropped him home an hour or so later – his front door was bashed in. Offered to stay but he said he was fine so we swapped numbers and agreed to meet at the Carpark the next day at lunch.

I went home.

All was fine there. So I showered, burnt a bowl of noodles, and then went to bed.


Friday 8th June

The day felt better. But I was different. I had powers – strange abilities like microwave energy.

Apparently Walker paid my rent for 2 months. Weird man, complete stranger and paying my rent? Well at least one less thing to worry about.

My with Alex, forgot that the carpark was still been worked on so no way to get in there today. We decided to contact Knight.

Met him at his “place” – kind of like Xavier’s school in Xmen series. Yeah I had a geeky ex…

Met some others – a real Vampire, a Goblin, some Twin girls who could multiply… and Rock of course.

We practiced in a large hangar like building. Learning some more of my powers and more control and then headed to work. My powers drain me, to the point I needed to rest an hour before heading to the 7th Stars Bar – bad bar it was. Rough and tumble kind of place. On a good night they sweep up the blood in the morning, on a bad night – ambos and cops arrive. Once even a coroner.

But its a job and it pays well – especially cute girls like me 🙂 

Guy with a suit again?

Rock – Jeff came along as well. To keep us company.

Some minor scuffles and someone struck Jeff with a bottle. He drinks like a fish. 7 shooters…. vodkas… and still fine. Said he doesn’t get drunk – now that’s a talent!

Saturday 9th

Finished up work nearing 4am… and took Alex home. Jeff filtered out into the night so have no idea where he went – recalled him “sinking” in the ground back at the other place so not sure.

Saw that Alex’s door was open again. As we got closer the door smashed back onto him and he staggered backwards as three men-in-suits stepped out looking like Agent Smith from the Matrix Movies.  Bloody hell this must be a dream I thought as they pulled out Tasers and zapped us

I struck one with a fist and rendered him unconscious with the “heat” boiling his blood…

I fell to a taser shot, and Alex took about seven of them. I regained consciousness… just as he fell and within moments managed to beat the other two as well with my ‘power’.

Rock pitched up. And Dragoon. took the agents away. We went to my place and again, three agents. Rock was with us and we were able to defeat them a lot quicker.

Decided it best to crash at Knight’s place…

Sleep took ages to come though…

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