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The Squirely Squire

the_stalker_by_ithilloth-d4rfg4dA d20 Eclipse Class

So I had a thought to make a young man a squire – one that is devoted to a knight or even another player character. So here goes…


Getting Started

So we have 48 character points at level one, plus a first level feat for 6 character points. I am not worrying about disadvantages or racial stuff here so lets stick with that.

The Basics

Hit Dice: d8 – 4 character points.

BAB: +0 at level 1, but there after suggest +1 per level. 0cp

Saves: Fort, Will +2 each: 12cp

Skills: 8cp

Proficiencies: Simple Weapons (3cp), Light Armour (3cp), Shields (3cp). He will gain Medium and eventually Heavy at later levels. Choose one Martial Weapons (3cp)

Total: 36cp


Been a squire means working hard and ‘assisting’ your master.

So we take Assistant: That grants +4 instead of a +2 bonus when you aid another. 6cp

As he most likely will fight with another person we want to improve his flanking ability. For this we take Presence. And we corrupt it for flanking only. This essentially grants an additional +2 to himself and his flanking ally in combat for a total flanking bonus of +4. This costs 6, corrupted to 4 character points.

And finally, we take Reflex Training if someone who is been “aided” by you misses their attack or is struck by the opponent (depending on what bonus you are granting) you gain an immediate attack against them. 6cp

Total of 16cp

Build Total of 52 Character Points leaving 4 available for other things…


How about sneak attack? Corrupted further for use only with the Reflex Training (that’s only 2cp!)

Perhaps also a tumbling improvement or better AC when moving and provoking AoO

Block – specialised to block attacks made against your ally?

Opportunist Strike – when your ally strikes an opponent etc

The possibilities for this kind of build are endless 🙂

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