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Winters End – S018 – Kalista’s Journal

Kalista Vrim

Day 90 – Evening

We discussed our next course of action, and decided to accept the invitation of the local family. Before that thought, it had been agreed between Don, Fel, the dwarves and myself that we should delay the quest with Lorko.

We met with him, and informed him the bad news. Almost luckily we had determined that bad weather was coming. Don also mentioned the scours were in town, and Lorko had dealings with them before.

Better still, much to my delight, Lorko is a wizard – he knows much of magic, but perhaps only a dabbler – not as experienced in the art than I. It was very relaxing talking with a like minded individual, even Fel does not understand my art and nor do I understand his.

Lorko mentioned a scribe from house Tovran, named Tivus that ‘circulates’ between the three inns, the Whalers Retreat, the Lion and Clam, and the Red Stag where Lorko stayed.

Now, about the Monastary – aparently it was vacated around four or five years ago, due to the head abbot stealing what coin they had and fleeing.

We excused ourselves and braved the cold wintery town as we collected Fel, convincing him to join us with the local family. The family was warm and welcoming and made a gathering of it, cousins and other family members were there.

Talk amognst them seem to suggest that they liked the Sipran’s more. Don entertained them with tales of Kentos. We sang, and danced and drank way too much… even I did, my head is still spinning a bit.

The best part coming out of it, was that one of the men had been out two weeks ago, down south or so he said I think, and he had seen an Utyugh coming out of a cave. Aparently it was close to Kentos’s Keep – near or across the Deerfrost River.

We returned to the tavern and slept.

Day 92

I had trouble today, selecting my spells. I sure hope I find information of a wizard at the Sipran’s. Even at the Tovran would help, but getting closer to the Sipran’s is more important to me.

Fel came to me, us, with bad news. Apparently his Uncle is watching him. And by that he watches us. All this time, and it is no telling how much he has seen or learned. Fel seems ok with it. But I am not so sure, I feel… somehow exposed by this. Fel did say that Felkbay was fine. But how? Why would that captain lie to us about Felkbay – was it an attempt to keep us from going back? Somehow are we been controlled, guided, pushed, or led by them – the church?

The church. The Saint. I wonder if he hears or listens? IF he is a spell caster, which I have no doubt – he too could be watching everyone. I pray… I really do pray that he is not the enemy here – that his church is broken, corrupted this far out from the vatican, and there, he has it in order. I pray.

And yet, I lose faith. I don’t know who to believe in now – The Codger only taught me to keep me from the darkness that Fel’s other uncle had so mastered. And what now of that uncle? What now? If he watches and does nothing? Is he still an enemy, a foe? Would he act against us? Is he just watching and waiting for us to get close enough to the Bell? What of the books and Fimbyl Winter? Has he no interest?


Damn what do the Guards want again? Same seargent of the Tovran came and questioned us, more so Fel, about our interest in books. I managed I think to convince them we are not thieves, only students hoping to find a library in town. They mentioned that it was at the town hall that was destroyed in the attack. Sigh.

After they had left, Kellor mentioned he had heard someone in the hall this morning, just before we awoke. Quiet puzzling really.

We all split up soon after breakfast, I have to find paper for a spell book, and the tools required to make my book. Kellor was out looking into buying a house or leasing one, Anier and Don’ were to approach the crafters and I think discuss the Fey’s terms. Fel is nervous., almost too nervous. If only he stepped out more, got to speak to people, he would be a much better person and probably not as scary or discomforting as he tends to come off to people.

I found him, just where Madam Lim had said. Henrigus was friendly, but his prices were high – almost double what I expected to pay for a spellbook.  Thinking it best not to, I purchased the materials and made an arrangement to use his workshop by working for him at the same time. Has to be a full day though – and that might be a problem at the moment. Time is something we don’t seem to have.

Another revelation. A hope that the Sipran’s had a spellcaster and they do – Lady Morell Sipran herself! The Lady of the city itself and ruler of all we see. By the Saint, now what? I wanted to befriend the court wizard to gain entrance or station within the family – that would be a whole lot harder if it is the Lady herself.

I passed the town hall, a burned shell of what it used to be. I stopped for a minute or too, watching, thinking, seeing what it once was. It saddened me that the knowledge the library here once had is now lost – and possibly lost forever.

Hmm. A thought, I must make a note of this. A spell to retain knowledge. Mneumancy. Sounds like a good idea to me. Would have to be permanent of course, or at least last for months – and I have no off hand knowledge of spells lasting that long. Day’s yes, maybe weeks even, but months? This would be a spell ritual. Perhaps. Perhaps there are abilities that one can learn or train for? I don’t know. So much is out there, so much knowledge and I am yet to scratch the surface. Maybe this is too hard. Too hard for us, too hard for me. Why don’t we just go home. I… I miss them, my parents. Even the Codger – I could ask him directly of his intentions – and of the Other Uncle too. Sigh.

What was that? Bloody hell, I saw Thiridia causing a commotion at Kynes – claiming that the goods we sold him are stolen from the church, STOLEN. Oh my….

I hustled my little legs out of there as quick as possible. The others have to know. Seems Fel had the same thoughts actually, and we hurriedly went to pack our goods only to find Felghanis’s room was ransacked. Kellor was quick to call the watch and it was like the whole town woke up.

Trackers, Herath, and Don tracked the thief. By sight and scent and whatever gifts the Fey give to Don. They led the way, and within moments we had a dozen or more people with us, all armed, all ready to lynch the would be thief. And within moments we realized the truth as we looked up at the Church…

Is there no limit to the depravity that this people will sink too? As I thought for a moment that my faith was getting a bit stronger, and now it was dashed again. If the Saint is so godly, then why does he not know what his people do? How can someone have faith in the Saint and all he stands for and still dare to steal! I wanted the man found, and for that moment, wanted him to hang. Wanted to watch as well, and that scares me. Scares me beyond anything I have endured so far.

A man from the church came out of the building and warned that we were on Church lands and that we bare arms. A brief discussion, and the Sgt, Don, and Fel and the dog went into the building while the rest of us stayed, and watched. Knowing glances of concern were passed between Kellor, Anier and myself and I readied my mind for one of my most powerful of spells as I could hear the sound of the deafening wolf howl fill my soul – I held it at bay though, waiting with bated breath.

They found the thief, Goron from the crypt the one that pleaded for his life – and now he does this? His cousin is a Cardinal – was it here? The Cardinal? No. I cannot recall the city from whence he came. But still, the Inquisitor, Malor Victus, released the thief into the custody of the Sergeant.

The people, the folk were slightly divided – the church’s own man wanted to steal. But yet, their leader released him – stood for “justice’. And that mattered here, a small part of me thought “Well done.” And more of me thought, you bastard – you don’t care, you will sacrifice anyone or anything just to maintain your station and to move forward on your quest – whatever that may be.

Don, Fel stayed with the guards at the watch house – they were prepared to bring down Lord Tovran himself to pass judgement. I smiled again, thinking yes you bastard, you will hang before the sun sets.

It reminded me that the Sherriff was out of town with some trouble in the south or east. Kellor had mentioned earlier. He was needed to buy or lease the house. There is more happening here again that we don’t know.

Sigh. I returned with the dwarves to the Inn, and quickly, once in my room, un-shrunk the book and used it again, relieved that the other volume was within the Sipran’s Tower still. At least, despite that the Church was on the Sipran side of the town, they had not gained the book.

I breathed a sigh of relief.

“Well, Saint Fergus. What is your next move? Know that we will beat you at this game – whatever it is you plan to achieve. We will beat you. The land will know the truth about your church. Your Church! Saint. We will stop this winter, and I will break down the walls of the Vatican if we have to. Know this.”

“And yet, I still believe. I believe that you are the righteous one, and have no control over the free will of others, even your devoted followers who lose their way. You cannot help them if they do not ask, and so, I am asking. Not threatening. I, Kalista of Felk Bay now ask for your aid, your guidance – help me to help them. To help the people of Vrim, the Sipran daughter, the Fey, all of them. Help me to help my companions too, to be the beacon of hope, the ‘common sense’ or voice of reason. Help me… for am I lost and I need you.”

(Kalista, dropping to her knees at the foot of her bed, she prays, with more than a tear in her eyes.)

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