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Debbie Wilson – Background

Superheroes…heatwave - after

The world has gone mad. That’s what everyone thinks. I don’t, I just think its changing. Changing for some people, and not changing for others. Me for instance, it hasn’t changed for me and I do not think it will.

Yes I know, I am one of the crazy ones! It’s all over the news, the internet, everywhere – “supers” are here and they are real. Some are good and some are bad and some, they just completely crazy!

Me, I am just a normal girl. A girl just trying to live. When I turned eighteen, and finished high-school, I immediately moved out of home and got a job. Waitress, barmaid, bike courier. Ok, Jobs. Several of them, all to just pay the rent and survive. I am lucky to have a small apartment all to myself, but am tempted to get a roomy – someone else to help with the bills. But then, there is always risk.

Hopefully I don’t stay in this ‘rut’ – never ending, same thing every day. Every day, I try save a bit more, a few dollars here and there. My goal is to get into college, do some business studies or even a degree – Law perhaps?

I don’t know, it will probably take ages… but, one step at a time hey? At least I have my bike. That I own completely.


Debbie Wilson is a  super before she got her powers. Well, not exactly true, she actually has her power but it’s completely uncontrollable – and so far, it has not ‘activated’ – as they say, she has not “broken out”.

Her power is one of corrosion – powered by intense heat that literally melts materials, objects, and even the flesh of people.The power, been heat based, is suppressed or weakened by extreme cold. Essentially any time the temperature is below 0 Celsius, the “power rank” of her Corrosion power is reduced: -1pr per -2 degrees.

We are playing Mutants & Masterminds 2nd Edition at the moment…

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